Fore! Looking at ESPN v. CBS Masters Viewers in 2020

Fore! Looking at ESPN v. CBS Masters Viewers in 2020

For the first time, the Masters Tournament is being held in the fall. Due to the unusual nature of this broadcast, ESPN and CBS are teaming up to cover the four-day event, with ESPN airing Thursday and Friday, and CBS taking the weekend. While all these sports viewers are presumably golf fans, we wanted to dig into the data to see how these audiences might be alike – and how they might differ.

Comparing ESPN v. CBS Masters Viewers

Looking at data in the Ignite Platform from demographics to values, hobbies and how they’re consuming media, we did a side-by-side comparison of these two audiences and saw that ESPN viewers are Rapid Sports Fans, while CBS viewers are Casual Golf Enthusiasts.

53% of ESPN viewers consume media through streaming

If you’re a brand or advertiser looking to hit a hole in one with ESPN and CBS Masters viewers, you’ll want to tap into their interests, their personal drivers, and their preferred media channels. ESPN viewers will likely put down their club when they hear mention of hunting and are working on their swing conditioning at the gym, while CBS viewers could be catching the latest game or packing up their reel to go fishing. You’ll find both audiences scrolling through Twitter in between holes.

Want to get to know these audiences on a deeper level? Check out the infographic below and dive into Who’s Watching the 2020 Masters?

Fore! Looking at ESPN v. CBS Masters Viewers in 2020

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