How to Turn Data into Insights with Customer Analytics, According to Forrester

Resonate | Forrester’s Customer Analytics Playbook: Turn Data into Insights with Customer Analytics

Do you know how to turn customer data into insights that turn into results?

The backbone of resonant marketing is a deep and real-time understanding of your customers and prospects. It’s not enough just have customer data, you must do something with it to reap its rewards. Rewards like higher campaign performance, deeper brand loyalty, and smiling brand execs.

Forrester’s Customer Analytics Playbook: Turn Data into Insights with Customer Analytics

The scale and diversity of customer data provide rich new sources of insight that let firms engage with customers in new ways. Today’s customer analytics practitioners are no longer data geeks feeding the marketing funnel — they provide insights across the customer lifecycle to many stakeholders, including CX and product leaders. CI pros can use customer analytics to extend their value and become strategic business partners.

In Forrester’s customer analytics playbook, Principal Analyst Brandon Purcell lays out the best practices, strategies, and technologies that make analytics a core CI capability.

Download to learn:

  • How to use analytics to drive customer obsession and business results
  • Why and how customer analytics must deliver contextual insights


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