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The role of the modern marketer has never been more complex. The demands are endless: produce content and creative that connects with consumers who are on information overload, play the role of technologist, data scientist and revenue manager, report ROI to company execs. Don’t forget keeping up with the latest marketing trends. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Check out our latest resources on today’s consumers and how Resonate helps solves many of these daunting challenges.

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State of the Customer

Learn about the rise of purpose-driven brands and the increasing influence of consumer activism.

Insights Professional's Guide - Turning Insights into Action WP Thumbnail

How AI and machine learning reveal the motivations behind human decisions.

Data to Drive Your Business: Latest Findings from Resonate COVID-19 & Civic Unrest Sentiment Study

Uncover breaking insights that will help you plan for the unprecedented weeks and months ahead.

Tracking Sentiment During Recent Events: Research on Black Lives Matter, Social Justice, Consumer Activism & Facebook

Download our Wave 6 report on consumer and voter sentiment during a time of unrest.

Guides, Reports & Research

, The New Normal of Marketing to Auto Policyholders

In an unpredictable climate like this, deep consumer insights give you the competitive edge you need win the race for business.

Six Months Later: How is Coronavirus Affecting Black and Hispanic Americans?

We’ve heard on the news night after night that the coronavirus pandemic has unequally affected communities of color. But, what do the numbers tell us?

State of the Customer

Learn about the rise of purpose-driven brands and the increasing influence of consumer activism.

Dynamic Consumer Data Sets You Apart From the Competition

Go beyond flat customer intelligence to learn what really makes your consumers tick.

The Current State of Bank Account Holders

It’s never been more important to connect on a deeper level with your account holders.

Understand the Impact of Crisis on Consumer Values

Community-oriented values are rising in importance during the pandemic.

Open for Business

Consumer sentiment is evolving rapidly. You need to know where your customer’s head is now.


Dive into retail data and learn about the values and motivations driving consumers during the coronavirus pandemic.


We looked at the analysis of four groups of consumers to gain insight on how banks and lenders can connect with customers and prospects during this critical time.

How CPG brands can bring their static data to life.

National Consumer Study Guide Thumbnail

You’ll learn how Resonate ensures accuracy and precision in it’s National Consumer Study.

Gain a better understanding of the personal values and motivations that drive consumer decisions.

Insights Professional's Guide - Turning Insights into Action WP Thumbnail

How AI and machine learning reveal the motivations behind human decisions.

Bank Marketers Playbook

Learn valuable bank marketing insights your next strategic play.


Stale insights and out-of-date assumptions happen when segmentation isn’t done properly.

The five ways dynamic insights play a role in acquisition.

Modern research tools

Learn about research solutions that will power your approach to content, creative, offers, product development and messaging.

Learn how deep consumer insights will attract new customers.

State of the Consumer Thumbnail

Develop actionable strategies to gain more influence and connect more effectively with consumers.

Guide to Activation Data

Learn how you can power up your next marketing or advertising campaign today.

Third party data thumbnail

Learn how quality third-party data fills in the gaps of your consumer understanding.

Typing tools

Learn how to expand your typing tool capabilities at scale.

Transform Customer Experience with a Deeper Understanding of Consumers

How person-level insights will make your loyalty program more relevant.

Find the four different shopper segments during BTS season.

Three ways to give your brand love a boost using deep insights.

Bank Switchers

Find out how you can keep (or acquire) 33 million persuadable bank switchers.

The major differences between Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers.


Sports Webinar

Now, with America reopening, questions are arising about what the future of sports will look like in the midst of a global pandemic.

ReOpening America Webinar

You’ll gain access to the real-time data you need now as your organization looks forward to the third and fourth quarters.

Brands Engaging Consumer During Crisis

A frank discussion on quickly emerging consumer trends in health habits, finances, dining out, shopping and more.

Use AI Enabled Consumer Intelligence

 Three ways technology is playing an essential part in uncovering transformative insights that will empower your business.

Insights from the largest National Consumer Study on COVID-19 consumer sentiment and how to put them into action.

Consumers are feeling the effects of the coronavirus pandemic from their wallets to their retirement accounts.

Best Worst Time Segmentaiton

How insights-driven companies are ditching traditional segmentation in favor of personalization based on deep customer knowledge.

What media companies need to know about engaging consumers as a global crisis evolves.

Harnessing the Power of Insight-Driven Audiences

Explore how AI-powered consumer insights bring data-driven insights to life and fuel impactful brand storytelling to further drive your marketing ROI.