Your 5-Minute Guide to AI-Driven Segmentation

AI-driven segmentation is your key to connecting with consumers on a deeper level, but what does it mean exactly?  How can machine learning help you get to know living, breathing, buying humans on an individual level?

In Your 5-Minute Guide to AI-Driven Segmentation, we share how the Resonate Ignite Platform™ provides rich attributes (13,000+ to be exact!) that are scaled to over 200 million U.S. consumers — and those insights are available immediately upon logging in to enrich your own data and segments. You can then build powerful new segments that are connected directly to your marketing ecosystem and updated nightly to maintain freshness and accuracy in targeting.

What Does It All Mean? How Can AI-Driven Segmentation Help You?

Your customers are smart. They know when they’ve received a vague marketing message — and they delete it. Let’s think about the amount of money allocated each quarter to developing new products, adjusting customer experience, and investing in creative marketing tactics. All that hard work goes to waste if it’s not hitting the right segments — or hitting the wrong segments with the wrong message.

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AI-driven segmentation allows you to hyper-target your consumers and send the right message to the right customer at the right time. In the 5-Minute Guide to AI-Driven Segmentation,  we walk you through two use cases of customers who’ve utilized Resonate’s deep, real-time insights and advanced machine learning to connect with targeted microsegments. And, the best part? Resonate’s data is prepared for a post-third-party cookie world, one where you may be concerned about your ability to leverage rich data insights for segmentation.

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Want to dive in and learn more about Resonate’s AI-driven segmentation and what it could mean for your business? Download the 5-minute guide today.


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