How Deep Consumer Insights Will Help Your Agency Win New Business

Agencies are in the midst of tumultuous change. They’ve been confronted with some major challenges like unexpected competition from consultants, brands ditching outside agencies and moving their ad operations in-house, and the major loss of trust and growing demand for transparency. Those issues among others have left the agency business in need of a serious re-vamp. It’s time for them to take a customer-centric approach to win new business.



In order to successfully win new business, you to need show brands that you you’ll get to know their customer beyond surface-level understanding. Stand out among the crowded agency space by going beyond stale, cardboard personas and deliver potential clients a 360-degree view of their consumer at the individual level, not the household level. Deep insights reveal what makes consumers tick, what they value and why they choose to advocate or abandon a brand. Brands are more likely to be persuaded by insights-led pitches*.

For example, if you’re pitching a car company, go beyond basic demographics of auto-shoppers, like their age and household income. Dynamic insights reveal that today’s car shopper values creativity and living an exciting life. They are driven by romantic love, proving competence and skills and maintaining a good public image. In their down time they go to the movies, theme parks and watch sports. They also buy healthy food and belong to a gym. Consumers in the market for a car are also more likely to feel guilty about the environmental impact of their car. This paints a much fuller picture of who’s buying a car within the next 3 to 12 months for your prospects and gives them a much deeper understanding of who they should be connecting with and what those people care about.

After demonstrating exactly what deep insights your agency can reveal about their customers and prospects, offer specific campaign and creative recommendations based on their needs, values and motivations. For example, present a campaign idea that revolves around living an exciting life and participating in an athletic activity. Suggest that they emphasize the eco-friendly qualities of their vehicle, since auto-shoppers are more likely to feel guilty about their environmental impact.


Another approach is to introduce the brand to a segment they might not know about. For example, if you’re pitching an energy drink company, consider doing a deep dive on their assumed buyer persona to see if it’s in sync with who’s actually buying energy drinks. You probably have a picture in your head of a college kid chugging one to stay awake while studying. However, our insights on energy drinkers reveal that this isn’t the case. More than half of all energy drinkers are young to middle-aged dads, with kids under 5. Highlighting a misconception about a prospect’s target audience shows you’d help them crush their campaign goals by offering them a continuously updated view of their prospects and customers.

If you’re able to identify a potential new segment in your pitch, outline a few strategies for connecting with them. Our insights reveal that you might not want to rely on traditional advertising channels to connect with energy drinkers, especially if you want to reach this audience at scale. Advertise on the four major networks or during an NFL games, since this group typically watches them. Coming up with a plan based on your insights will set the stage for your relationship going forward.


Deep insights not only reveal who customers are and what drives their daily decisions, but where to reach them. Find out what shows their customers watch, whether they use streaming services or cable, what social media platforms they spend time on and other similar insights in order to create an effective targeting strategy.

Say the brand’s target audience is millennial moms, our consumer intelligence platform reveals these women are watching A Series of Unfortunate Events, American Dad and 13 Reasons Why. Their top networks are Disney Junior, MTV and Nickelodeon, which they’re likely watching with their kids. They’re also 20% more likely to watch TV thru a streaming service, particularly Hulu with Live TV, Hulu Plus or Hulu Plus with no commercials, so suggest they focus their ads on that particular streaming service. When it comes to social media, they prefer image-focused apps Snapchat, Pinterest and Instagram. They’re 39% more likely to share personal milestones on social media and 18% more likely to check-in at a specific location. This information allows you to devise an ad targeting strategy ahead of your pitch.


Having a deep, person-level understanding of your potential client’s customers gives you a competitive edge over other agencies. You’ll be able to bring them actionable insights that are constantly refreshed to reflect the most accurate view of U.S. consumer. Leveraging these insights leads to winning more business with stronger performance due to more accurate targeting and the deepest understanding of the why that drives everyday decisions.

Learn all the ways deep insights will help your agency in our agency guide: The Agency Battle Plan for Data-Driven Transformation


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