How Lululemon Must Reflect on Their Marketing Strategy for Mirror

Lululemon stretched their legging-clad legs into a new product category in its summer acquisition of Mirror – a futuristic at-home fitness solution rivaling Peloton’s subscription model and Apple’s just-launched Fitness+.

The brand’s latest revenue report indicates a strong 2021, but are they ready to take on the top dogs in virtual fitness? To make them break a sweat, Lululemon must re-think its marketing strategy with a fresh lens on a new target audience.

Legging Lovers ≠ Bedroom HIIT Hailers

Yes, Lululemon’s audience will still be fitness-minded folks with a solid chunk of disposable income, but humans are more complex than that. Are the folks who are likely to subscribe to a virtual gym the same as Lululemon’s legacy audience?

Let’s see what the Resonate Ignite Platform™ can tell us.


peloton v lululemon mirror

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