[Infographic] How Granular Hispanic Segmentation Connects With Different Audiences Across the Country

Alma, a Miami-based multicultural advertising and segmentation agency, understands the diverse and dynamic cultural nuances of Hispanics across the country. That’s why they knew they could be a top contender to win a major pitch with a nationwide wellness brand and elevate that brand’s profile with multiple audiences.

Connecting Hispanic Segmentation with Diverse, Dynamic Audiences

The brand wanted to connect with diverse and dynamic Hispanic audiences in Texas and Florida while building brand loyalty — and they needed an agency who would understand the nuances and sensitivities that represent the range of Hispanics within the United States.

Culture first. Language second.

Alma has a proprietary Hispanic segmentation model that allows them to split Hispanic audiences into three main groups: Preservers, Fusionistas, and American Embracers.

But, for this pitch, they needed to go deeper than demographics. They looked to the real-time, relevant data available within the Resonate Ignite Platform™. This AI-driven data breaks down Hispanic audiences by background and region to reveal the highly specific values, motivations, psychographics, and behaviors that can make or break effective multicultural strategy.

A Pitch to Build Deeper Brand Loyalty

Enriching their own data with Resonate’s insights allowed Alma to look closely at the brand’s two target demographics in Miami and San Antonio/Austin. They were able to connect the 360-degree personas with a clear strategy: a bilingual social media influencer would resonate with the Texas audience, while a Spanish speaking TV personality could reach the right viewers in Florida.

The result: a winning pitch and big new business for Alma.

Want to learn how Resonate’s deep segmentation and actionable insights can help your team win the next big pitch? Check out the infographic below and download the case study, How Alma Leveraged Multicultural Segmentation Data to Win a Nationwide Wellness Client, today.

ALMA Multi Cultural Case Study

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