Joe, Bernie…and a TBD Slot for a Female VP?

We’re down to two candidates, officially. Bernie Sanders, representing the Democratic Socialist side of the party, and Joe Biden, a moderate Democrat, are now the only two left on stage for the remaining primary debates…and, don’t worry, they did stand 6 feet apart in front of an absent studio audience due to recommended safety precautions due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Where the Candidates Stand in Delegates and Engagement

Biden now leads the delegate race with 1,215 pledged delegates, while Sanders trails with 909. The engagement online has been back and forth, with engagement steeply dropping off following the primaries on Tuesday, March 10, which included Michigan, a hotly contested state which Biden won. Many now see the race as over, which explains the drop in online interest.

A significant uptick on March 19 for Bernie Sanders could be explained by a strongly worded announcement he made regarding his $2 trillion plan for dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.

Joe, Bernie...and a TBD Slot for a Female VP?

Engagement Surrounding the Former Female Candidates After Biden’s VP Statement

A more intriguing analysis from the pre- and post-debate engagement can be made due to a well-received running mate hint. During the March 15 debate, Joe Biden said, “I can commit that I will, in fact, pick a woman to be vice president.”

Immediately there was speculation as to whether that female vice president pick could be one of the former candidates. The data backed up that speculation. Looking at the engagement rates for the former female candidates, almost all of them had leveled out by the March 15 debate. But, with one sentence spoken by Joe Biden, engagement rates for Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris climbed back up as Americans across the country searched their names and theorized on who they think will be the VP pick.

One outlier you’ll notice is Tulsi Gabbard’s spike in engagement on March 19. That is due to her campaign suspension announcement made that day.

Joe, Bernie...and a TBD Slot for a Female VP?

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