Understanding The Why Behind Consumer Decisions

[Video] The Resonate Platform Reveals the WHY Behind Consumer Behavior

Consumers are complex and change their behaviors and preferences regularly, making it increasingly difficult for marketers to understand the why behind a customer’s buying decisions. Resonate reveals the why through the Human Element, a holistic understanding of a consumer that starts with what makes them the most human—their psychological drivers, values and motivations.

We ask U.S. consumers “why?” through survey research more than any other company on the planet. Armed with deterministic survey responses from 250k+ U.S. consumers, the Resonate platform analyzes anonymous web traffic and uses AI-driven predictive modeling to help marketers understand and connect with their target audiences. Usually, this kind of research is outdated by the time it reaches brands and agencies; however, Resonate is observing consumer sentiments and behaviors on a daily basis, so marketers have a nearly real-time understanding of who their consumers are and why they choose to buy from or abandon a brand.

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