March Madness: Target & Reach Fans Ready to Score with Resonate Segments

March Madness may be just around the corner, but it’s not too late to increase return on ad spending (ROAS) and score big with your ad campaign. In the world of digital marketing, precision targeting has become the cornerstone of successful campaigns. No longer is it enough to cast a wide net and hope for the best. Advertisers that will drive peak performance in 2024 have the consumer insights they need to know exactly who they are targeting and why. So, who are the key consumer segments to target during March Madness?

The Sports Betting March Madness Resonate Segment: 

This audience is characterized by their avid interest in men’s college basketball and sports betting, making this Resonate Segment a prime audience for your March Madness campaigns. They not only consider themselves college basketball fans but are individuals actively consuming online basketball content and engaging in sports betting discussions.

Platforms, services and promotional content surrounding March Madness should target this audience during March Madness to boost performance.

The In-Market Heavy Snackers Segment:  

Heavy Snackers are individuals who regularly snack as meal replacements or between meals and are also heavy snack food buyers. Think chips, dips and game-day spreads – they’re ready to stock up! You may think this segment is unrelated to basketball, but you’d be leaving money on the table if you didn’t target them. In addition to taking their game-day snacks seriously, this audience is likely to be a regular viewer of professional sports on TV.

Representing a secondary target group for March Madness campaigns, this segment’s interest in sports, coupled with their snacking habits, makes them an ideal audience for food and beverage brands—like Coca-Cola, Bud Light and Doritos—looking to capitalize on the tournament season.

The In-Market Basketball Audiences Segment: 

They love the game, and they love the thrill of a wager. This segment consists of individuals who consider themselves fans of NCAA Men’s Basketball, actively watch college basketball games, engage in online basketball discussions and enjoy gambling on sports. While not directly related to sports betting like the March Madness Resonate Segment, these individuals are still valuable targets for advertisers.

Sports betting platforms such as FanDuel, BetMGM and related services should be targeting this segment to reach audiences ready to gamble.

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