Meet 2020’s Critical Voters: The Resolute Republican

Meet 2020’s Critical Voters: The Resolute Republicans

Introducing the Resolute Republicans

Leveraging the industry’s most advanced machine learning models, our 2020 Voter Landscape has surgically divided the entirety of the U.S. electorate into seven voter segments based on their online behavior. Simply put, we removed human bias from the equation and let the math do the talking.

To the Voter Landscape’s right of center, meet the Resolute Republicans, the Grand Old Party’s stalwart electorate. Let’s take a deeper look at this segment.

Meet the Resolute Republicans: The GOP Establishment

The Resolute Republicans are an online audience of 13 million U.S. voters who form the sturdy bedrock of the Republican Party. On Sundays in America, you’re more likely to find these voters lining the church pews than leading a Trump boat parade flotilla.

The Resolute Republicans ground the GOP in its foundational principles: devotion to God, Second Amendment protections and pro-life advocacy. Their allegiance is to the party of Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, George the father and George the son. Their motivation is the establishment’s sustained influence on the social and economic direction of a country they’re proud to call home.

It’s important for Republican campaigns to recognize the differences between the Resolute Republicans and the Voter Landscape’s America First Populist segment, and adapt targeting and messaging strategies accordingly.

While the America First Populist represents the new nationalist era, Resolute Republicans encompass the voters the GOP has always known and counted on to win up and down the ballot, year over year.

Campaigns must not cast aside these stalwarts solely in favor of the fiery Trump grassroots that have injected new life into the party. Campaigns in tight races need to cast a wider net.

Take notes down-ballot campaigns – Resolute Republicans are 54% more likely to advocate for local issues

The Resolute Republican is ready to see Main Street open for business during the coronavirus situation and they’re considerably more relaxed on the pandemic when compared to the average American. On the issues, these voters will vote for candidates with plans to:

  • Control illegal immigration – in contrast to the American First Populist segment who wants illegal immigration aggressively combatted
  • Develop traditional energy sources – key insight for Midwest battleground campaigns
  • Strengthen defense, law enforcement and prosecution – key local campaign insight

Meet 2020’s Critical Voters: The Resolute Republicans

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