The Housing Market is Cooling Down—Time to Meet the New Home Buyer.

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Over 25% of homes on the market right now have cut their price in June, Altos Research found. This is in stark contrast to how prices have been climbing over the last two years. You may have also seen the U.S. Federal Reserve raised the benchmark interest rate by 0.75 percentage points in June to tame rising inflation from a 40-year high. All this is to say, we may finally see a cool down in the housing market! FinServ marketers, are you keeping tabs on new home buyers? Do you know who they are? What and where do they buy? And most importantly, why?   

By understanding their values, behaviors, and motivations and how to reach them efficiently across digital and traditional touchpoints, you can engage with the New Home Buyer and build strong bonds that end with higher revenue and profit.   

Meet the 2022 Millennial Home Buyer  

Resonate’s proprietary, privacy-safe, first-party data provides the most in-depth and up-to-date understanding of the U.S. Consumer. Today, we’re using it to bring rich, recent, relevant insights on the 16 million millennials buying their first homes this year. Ready to meet them?  

Millennial Home Buyer 2022 Infographic

Source: Resonate Ignite Platform, 2022

Meet Uncertainty with Confidence, Powered by Data  

We’ve been surfing the waves of change for the last few years, but the financial industry is resilient and innovative. New market dynamics may be challenging, but you can stay competitive and meet your customers’ needs.   

Resonate can help you get to the heart of what’s driving consumers to switch banks, learn who is focused on socially responsible investing, etc.— using fresh, comprehensive data on consumer sentiment, intent, personal values, psychographics, and more. Close the gaps in your understanding by enriching your existing data with thousands of proprietary Resonate Elements attributes mapped to your records and exported directly into your database to be used throughout your ecosystem for additional action across channels. Learn more about the New Home Buyer in The FinServ Marketer’s Guide: Through the Lens of the New Home Buyer.


Want to see firsthand how Resonate’s real-time insights can provide you with the holistic view you need of your customers and prospects? Get a demo of our FinServ vertical-specific attributes and learn how a rich, values-driven understanding of your customers can help you understand why people choose you—so you can replicate it at scale.  

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