Data Enrichment Solutions

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Enrich your understanding of your customers and prospects with a set of curated Resonate attributes delivering the who, what, when, where and why behind their everyday purchasing decisions. Our deep insights reveal who your consumers are and what drives them.

Data Enrichment

Breathe Life Into Your First-, Second- and Third-Party Data​


CRM Insights

Onboard your entire customer list and subsegments to truly understand the humans that comprise your customer and prospect files. With thousands of attributes, you’ll have the deepest understanding at your fingertips.

Media Insights

Media Insights

Go beyond Google Analytics, impressions and click-through rates to gain a deeper understanding of every consumer who engages with your digital media presence across all platforms including Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

Website Journey

Website Journey

Analyze and understand all aspects of the digital footprint of any U.S. consumer at any specific touchpoint throughout the customer journey on your website.

Mobile App Data

Mobile App Data

Onboard lists of Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs) for enhanced segmentation, analysis and activation. Understand those who visit a specific mobile app, section of interest in a mobile environment or a custom segment of MAIDs — all in a single, unified platform.​

DMP Insights

DMP Insights

Onboard audiences or segments from your DMP into Resonate for analysis against our 14,000+ dynamic insights, build new audiences and export for targeting.

Third-Party Data Insights

Third-Party Data Insights

Onboard any third-party data into the Resonate Ignite Platform and reveal new layers of context and relevancy in your consumer base.

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