Data Enrichment & Append

Enrich any data source to better understand your audience

Enrich your understanding of your customers and prospects with a set of curated Resonate attributes including psychographics, behavioral, preferences, intent, and more. Truly understand the who, what, when, where and why behind your audience’s decision-making and drive growth at all stages of the customer lifecycle by onboarding your data to the easy to use Resonate Ignite platform or directly uploading to your own database.

Reveal New Insights About Current Customers & Optimize Growth


CRM Insights

Onboard your CRM database and reveal a more comprehensive understanding of your customers and prospects. Your CRM will now be continuously updated with the latest consumer insights.  

DMP Insights

CTV Insights

Connect your CTV audience(s) to the continuously updated Resonate Elements data set to understand psychographics, behavior, preferences, intent, and more. Then, use this new insight pre-sales and post-sales to optimize ad sales and grow ad revenue. 

Website Journey

Website Visitor Insights

Don’t depend on low quality Google Analytics data alone. Obtain a continuously updated, comprehensive view of your website visitors – known and unknown – throughout the customer journey by enriching your website visitor data with deep, fresh Resonate dataThen optimize your website experience and grow sales.  

Media Insights

Media Insights

Go beyond impressions and click-through rates to gain a 360degree understanding of the consumers engaging with your ads. Drive better ad performance by optimizing copy and creative for the specific people who are engaging with your digital media.   

Third-Party Data Insights

Third-Party Insights

Onboard any third-party data (DMP, purchase data, etc.into the Resonate Ignite Platform and enrich it with Resonate data that provides new layers of context and relevancy in your consumer base, so you can take the next best action to drive revenue.  

Mobile App Data

Mobile App Insights

Love the engagement with your mobile app but wish you knew more about who those engagers are? Simply onboard your mobile app data into the Resonate Ignite platform and append your data with a full set of attributes including demographics, psychographics, intent, sentiment and more.  

Data Append

Data Append

Upload Resonate consumer attributes or segments into your database inside your firewall to enrich your existing data to improve your understanding of customers and prospects with fresh, privacy-safe, proprietary third-party data. 

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Data Enrichment & Append Resources

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Quality third-party data fills in the gaps of your consumer understanding.


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