The Audiences worth Mobilizing during the Lame Duck Congress

Could there be a shutdown? There certainly could” – President Trump

In what is typically a fairly routine process, this year’s Lame Duck Congress may take a turn for the dramatics. With a President posturing for a spending fight and a divided Congress of returning, defeated, and retiring members, we could see some fists fly…

While Resonate was helping clients execute over 500 AI-driven voter targeting campaigns this election cycle, our issue-based models continued to dynamically update with the online activity of millions of policy influencers. This strategy is built for advocacy campaigns that need to immediately transition from politics to policy – targeting and mobilizing known influencers based on where they stand on the issues – and why they stand there.

If a fight goes down in the Lame Duck, we can safely place our bets that immigration policy and border security will be the instigator. Here’s the tale of tape:

  • Congress needs to pass a year-end spending bill prior to Dec. 7 to ensure the government stays open
  • The president has threatened to shutdown the government if the bill does not include funding for the construction of a wall between the U.S. and Mexico
  • While Democrats have agreed to put money towards border security, they’ve made it clear they will not back legislation that funds the President’s wall

At Resonate, our behavioral models have identified the online audiences on both sides of the wall issue and all audiences are available for immediate activation – within 24 hours! Let’s take a quick look at a couple of these audiences:

Support Building the Wall

Online Audience Size: 47.M

Majority Demographic Breakdown

  • Equal parts male and female
  • Between the ages of 45-64
  • Household incomes of $25k-75k
  • ‘Some college’ is the highest education level

Top Personal Values read the Resonate Personal Values Report

  • Maintaining traditions
  • Obeying the law
  • Freedom to determine actions

Top Psychological Drivers

  • Devotion to God
  • Trust from others
  • Maintaining an optimistic outlook

Top Media Consumed:

  • Networks: Fox News, National Geographic, A&E
  • Streaming Subscriptions: Starz, Showtime
  • Apps by Category: Sports, Finance/Stocks

Other Top Policy Platforms

  • Free trade agreements hurt the U.S.
  • President Trump should cancel all of President Obama’s executive orders

Oppose Building the Wall

Online Audience Size: 57.7M

Majority Demographic Breakdown 

  • Mostly female
  • Between the ages of 25-44
  • Household incomes of $50k-100k
  • College degree is the highest education level

Top Personal Values – read the Resonate Personal Values Report

  • Acceptance of those who are different
  • Treating everyone equally
  • Caring for nature

Top Psychological Drivers

  • Expressing individuality
  • Creativity
  • Proving competence/skills

Top Media Consumed

  • TV Networks: MTV, MSNBC, Comedy Central
  • Streaming Subscriptions: Showtime, Amazon Prime
  • Top Apps by Category: Entertainment and lifestyle, Music Players and Storage

Other Top Policy Platforms:

  • Oppose Trump appointing conservative Supreme Court Justices
  • Enacting gun control

If you’re preparing for a Lame Duck fight, Resonate has your back. With our unrivaled issue-advocacy data that will quickly connect you with the influencers you need to reach and mobilize, we’ll make sure your message is heard in Congress and beyond. To learn more about how Resonate helps advocacy campaigns win with the most advanced AI-driven targeting strategies, click here.

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