Think You’ll Sink When Cookies Disappear? Your Guide to Navigating the Post-Cookie Sea

Think You’ll Sink When Cookies Disappear? Your Guide to Navigating the Post-Cookie Sea

If you work in the digital world, you’ve likely spent a few nights awake wondering, “What happens after cookies?” The date JANUARY 2022 – when Google’s removal of third-party cookies will be complete – is looming like a beacon on the horizon and the internet is scrambling to adapt and stay connected to the consumer in a world where cookies are nothing but a mere crumb memory.

Resonate is Providing Your Guide to Navigating Life After Cookies

For years, cookies have empowered brands and agencies with critical behavioral insights on consumers. So, it’s no surprise that Google’s announcement that third-party cookies will be eliminated by January 2022 sent shockwaves throughout the digital world.

But Resonate’s granular, deep consumer intelligence is undeterred. Our continuously updated consumer research is grounded in the sub-surface bedrock of our National Consumer Study – the largest study of the U.S. consumer. By adapting our cutting-edge Machine Learning/AI infrastructure to take advantage of Universal Identifiers, we are able to ensure our 360-degree view of the consumer remains and continues to improve, taming the tsunami of destruction down to a mere ripple as we transition to a post-cookie world.

Beyond that, we see this cataclysmic change as an opportunity to innovate. We’ve already begun designing new robust, privacy-preserving analytics solutions that align with Google’s new privacy sandbox and maintain the unparalleled depth of Resonate’s current offerings.

Worried about a post-cookie tsunami? Resonate is working under the surface to ensure smooth sailing.

For Resonate, the post-cookie transition is a below-the-surface process where we are actively conducting and running the simulations and experiments to drive our preparation forward in advance of January 2022 – and ensure our customers only experience smooth sailing in the continued delivery of the freshest, deepest, most-relevant consumer insights.

Don’t be afraid to navigate the deep, dark cookieless sea. With Resonate’s help, the critical insights you need to thrive remain intact.

Want to learn more about how Resonate is helping customers navigate the post-cookie world? Download our infographic, Your Guide to Navigating the Post-Cookie Sea, today.

Think You’ll Sink When Cookies Disappear? Your Guide to Navigating the Post-Cookie Sea




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