How Our Data Is Created

Continuous Consumer Research

Resonate runs continuous waves of long-form surveys throughout the year that yield 14,000+ insights. We gather not only basic demographic information, as well as purchasing and political preferences, but also insights to understand why people have made those decisions and the values that guide them.

Online Behavioral & Contextual Research

Resonate analyzes tens of billions of web events each day linked to the survey respondents. This anonymous web traffic is processed through our natural language processing and looks for keywords to understand the page the person visited.

AI & Predictive Modeling

Machine learning takes survey responses and web activity to create predictive models that help marketers understand and connect with their target audiences.

The Human Element

A dynamic, proprietary, 360-degree view of a person that combines core attributes like demographics and psychographics with the values that drive them to choose, support or protest and the motivations that inspire their loyalty, endorsement or abandonment of a brand or cause. By understanding the why that underpins what people do, organizations can develop stronger, longer lasting customer relationships that increase customer lifetime value and spark true love of brand.

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Dynamically Updated in the Resonate Ignite Platform

Brand-Specific, Relevant Data

Any 1st, 2nd, 3rd-Party Data & Custom Research

Updated Nightly At the Individual Level

Unified Views Across Teams

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