Transform Your Super Bowl Ad Strategy with AI

For the approximately 112 million people who will tune in for the Super Bowl this year, the event isn’t just about the football: it’s about the food, commercials and entertainment. 

But with a 30-second slot commanding a staggering $7 million price tag, brands delving into this coveted space face not only the need for category dominance but also the ability to channel substantial creative resources into crafting impactful, precision-targeted advertisements. 

Given the astronomical Super Bowl ad price tag, some brands, like Greek yogurt Oikos, are opting to use unconventional strategies to engage this audience. Steering clear of exorbitantly priced TV spots during the live broadcast, Oikos instead “hacked” their Super Bowl ad spend by targeting adjacent audiences to extend reach and efficacy. For Oikos, this bold strategy has resulted in an almost twofold increase in brand sales.

So, how can other brands emulate this approach? The key lies not only in targeting the Super Bowl audience—comprising 112 million U.S. adults, with a demographic breakdown of 58% male and 42% female, and a median age of 49—but also delving into their media consumption, shopping preferences, and most importantly: the underlying motivations driving their purchases. 

An in-depth analysis of Super Bowl viewers, facilitated by our AI-powered dataset rAi, offers valuable insights into their behavior, revealing:

  • Media Preferences: Showtime, People magazine and local newspapers emerge as the go-to sources for information and entertainment. 
  • Shopping Habits: Popular retail destinations for this audience include Kohl’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Columbia Sportswear.

But the real magic of AI lies in unraveling the intricate web of audience values and purchase drivers. Super Bowl viewers, as unveiled by rAi, exhibit a profound understanding of economic concepts, showcasing a keen interest in staying abreast of current economic news and trends. Moreover, this demographic displays unwavering brand loyalty and a penchant for products associated with established brand names. 

Want to get in the game? Learn more about how AI can help you reveal deeper insights into your target audiences and strategize your ad spend. 

Source: Resonate Ignite PlatformTM, February 2024 

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