Winning Single-issue Midterm Voters Focused on the Overturning of Roe v. Wade

Roe v. Wade voting

After the SCOTUS decision overturning Roe v. Wade, competitive campaigns throughout the country have found themselves playing offense or defense, pending what side of the ball they are on. What’s indisputable is that the decision created a large segment of single-issue voters who will now vote for a candidate based on their abortion position. For these voters, the economy, gas prices, or foreign affairs have taken a back seat. They’re walking into the ballot box this November to select candidates they believe will reinstate the federal right to an abortion or uphold the reversal. The culture war lives on via one of the most contentious issues in American politics.  

Consider that more than HALF of voters said the Supreme Court’s reversal has made them more likely to vote this November, according to a Wall Street Journal poll. Also, according to the New York Times, 69% of new Kansas voter registrants this year are women, and in battleground Ohio, it is estimated that voter registration amongst women is up 5-8%.   

Coming off a tough few months, the Democrats see a more significant opportunity than the Republicans when it comes to pro-life vs. pro-choice issues. That’s why the left has already spent $92 million on advertising that mentions pro-choice issues. But are they reaching the right voters – known midterm voters who are the most passionate about pro-choice issues? And on the right, do Republicans have a similar opportunity to target pro-life, single-issue voters with a high propensity midterm score? At Resonate, we have identified both audiences with precision and at scale.   

On the Left: Single-Issue, Pro-Choice Voters 

Resonate’s AI-driven models have identified a national online audience of nearly 24 million voters who will likely select candidates this November based on their support for pro-choice issues. 

Pro-choice party affiliation data

While 68% of this audience is Democrats, Republicans encompass 14%, while Independents make up 17%. 

Top issues for pro-choice voters

When compared to the average online midterm Democrat voter, this audience is 200% more likely to voice support for pro-choice issues.  


As seen in the graphic above, while most of this audience is understandably female, males comprise 40% of the segment, and nearly 10% of these voters are aged 18-24 years old. 

These are educated, passionate, and high turnout voters who vow to make a change this November, and Resonate can immediately target this audience—nationally or locally—with precision and accuracy. 

On the Left: Single-Issue, Pro-Life Voters 

Comparatively, Resonate models have identified a national online audience of 20 million voters who will likely select candidates this November based on their support for pro-life issues.   

Pro-life single-issue voter party affiliation

Interestingly, in this midterm pro-life voter segment, Democrats make up nearly a quarter of the audience, while Independents encompass 20%. This provides a unique opportunity for Republican campaigns in contested races that may need a boost from unlikely voters. 

When compared to the average Republican midterm voter online, this audience is nearly 200% more likely to voice support for pro-life issues. 

As seen in the graphic above, females comprise nearly half of this pro-life midterm voter segment. These are religious and high-turnout midterm voters passionate about upholding the recent SCOTUS abortion decision…and Resonate has them ready for immediate analysis and targeting. 

The above single-issue midterm voters, and thousands more niche midterm segments, are available for immediate targeting through Resonate’s media services. Voter turnout means everything this November. When it comes to the single issues driving ballot decisions in your race, Resonate is here to ensure you have the most robust insights that motivate immediate, meaningful action when it counts! Contact us today to learn what Resonate can do for your campaign. 

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