Winning the Weekend

Fact 1: The candidate whose party receives the majority of early votes historically wins the election.

Fact 2: There’s one more weekend left of early voting. Two more days where the mass amount of voters have the time off to beat the lines and choose their candidate.

Fact 3: Resonate can launch your GOTV campaign today and find the voters online you can persuade to show up early and vote for you this weekend.

Leave No Doubt. Win the Weekend.

Only Resonate has the data to precision target the right voters online and persuade them to vote early based on their top issues, values, and motivations. For example:

In decisive swing states Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina, African American voter turnout has dropped significantly below 2012 levels, causing major concern in races at all levels. GOTV messaging to African Americans should consider:

  • African American voters are 54% more likely than the average voter to support a candidate based on their job creation plan.
  • The Affordable Care Act is a winning GOTV issue. African American voters are 156% more likely than the average voter be happy with the healthcare law.
  • African American voters are 69% more likely than the average voter to support a path to legal residency to handle illegal immigrants already in the U.S.

According to Associated Industries of Florida, Florida millennial voters have only cast 52% of their 2012 vote total. Florida campaigns targeting millennial early voters should consider the following Resonate intelligence:

  • Florida millennial voters are 50% more likely than the average Florida voter to support a candidate based on their education platform.
  • They are also 88% more likely than the average voter in Florida to believe the amount of taxes paid by corporations are a little too high.
  • Florida millennials are 21% more likely than the average Florida voter to back a candidate based on their job creation platform.

Early voting amongst Hispanics has increased this cycle across all states. When targeting Hispanic voters to get out and vote early, campaigns should consider:

  • 44% of Hispanic voters consider education policy a top policy platform when considering to vote for a candidate.
  • Hispanic voters are 62% more likely than the average voter to believe that environmental threats like climate change are the greatest threats to the long term interests of the U.S.

Click here to learn more about how Resonate precision targets persuadable and undecided voters with specific GOTV messaging that speaks to their values, motivations, and core political issues.

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