Your Guide to Prove Your Network’s Value, Win Ad Dollars, and Boost Retention

The competition for advertising dollars is fierce and to continue to win business and boost retention, you need to prove your worth. That’s why it’s time to quantify and prove your network’s value add by showcasing your advertiser’s desired target audience, showing the deepest layers that advertisers may not even know themselves, and effectively delivering campaigns that are continuously measured and optimized.

Ready to get started? Here’s your 5-step guide to prove your network’s value, win ad dollars, and boost retention.

1. Demonstrate to advertisers that you have deep, real-time insights on their targeted high-value audience

Resonate customers use our deep, fresh, proprietary first-party data to show advertisers they know exactly who they’re targeting. If an advertiser wants to reach a Gen X luxury car intender audience one season and a Millennial hybrid car intender the next, that’s not only possible, but Resonate lets you go deeper. We can look at exactly what your audience values and what their purchase plans are now and in the future — giving you a clearer picture of the most high-value audience to wow potential advertisers and win big business.

2. Identify the 360-degree profile of the target audience

The storytelling that’s possible within the Resonate Ignite Platform™ is driven by 14,000+ AI-driven attributes and 230 million consumers, which is to say, it’s not limited at all. When you enter a pre-sales conversation, you go in armed with a 360-degree profile of an advertiser’s target audience. You know more about their customers than they do. That’s what wins a pitch!

3. Validate the targeting effectiveness of your audience and their desired audience

With Resonate, you can reveal the exact media diet of your audience to demonstrate that you know exactly when and where they’re consuming content on your network. You know whether you’ll catch them during weeknight football or weekend news, whether they’re streaming on their phone or on CTV, and whether they flip through the commercials — or don’t.

4. Showcase “added-value” research to the advertiser​

In addition to the demographics, values, media diet, and purchasing plans of the target audience, you can also dig deep into 14,000+ insights that reveal the why behind a consumer’s decisions. Present “added-value” research in your pre-sales pitches to show the advertiser that your proprietary data reaches deeper than any other data on the market. Who else can tell you whether a consumer cares more about safety, environmental impact, or that their car is an extension of themselves?

Source: Resonate Ignite Platform™, November 2021

5. Deliver improved ad performance

Resonate’s real-time data allows you to continuously optimize, measuring success and performance across digital channels to help advertisers chase their target audience. You’re delivering higher value for advertisers, they’re continuing to spend with you, and the result is a retention win.

Want to see firsthand how Resonate’s deep, real-time, proprietary, and first-party data insights can give you a winning edge over your competitors and boost ad sales revenue? Request a demo today to get started.

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