3 Key Insights to Connect With Loyal Larry the Points Savvy Millennial Traveler

Points savvy millennial travelers are top of mind for travel and hospitality marketers as the world reopens and eager adventurers hit the road and take to the friendly skies. So how can you connect with these travelers and capture your share of their wanderlust budget? We looked at millennial consumers who look to a hotel loyalty program as the most important factor in booking business or leisure travel and, from that data, gleaned three key insights to help you connect.

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3 Key Insights to Connect With Points Savvy Millennials

  1. They value excitement and adventure, which may also play into their appreciation for variety. They’re 72% more likely than the average U.S. adult online consumer to look for a rewards credit card that allows redemption with more than one hotel or airline. As a credit card marketer looking to retain your cardholders, now may be the time to beef up your partnerships with other airlines and hotels.
  2. They’re 210% more likely than the average U.S. adult online consumer to use a hotel rewards credit card. Points savvy millennials could be business travelers who are on the road every week, they could be traveling to countless (rescheduled) weddings this year, or they could simply be taking advantage of a carefree lifestyle. Regardless of why they’re on the road (though we can find out why in our data!), they want to take advantage of all those stays. Target your acquisition messaging towards this group and focus on new cardholder point offers — they’ll be eager to redeem as the world opens up.
  3. They prefer experiences that are fun, luxurious, and exciting. Camping might not be their first choice, but a penthouse in the city probably is. Use these insights to inform not only your creative but your offers. When you’re designing that points redemption offer email, opt for the NYC backdrop instead of the National Park to capture their attention. Consider hosting cardholder events at trendy urban locales to make these cardholders feel appreciated and known.

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