5 Facts About the Media Habits of International Sporting Event Fans

We’ve talked a lot about sports fans here on the Resonate blog. Whether we’re looking at fans of the Big Game, MLB fans, or those glued to all 18 holes of the Masters, we have deep, real-time data on the media consumption, values, purchasing drivers, behaviors, and demographics available in the Ignite Platform™ for analysis and activation. We give media companies and publishers the data they need to deliver advertisers granular insights on their target audiences, increase ROAS, and boost advertiser retention.

Five Facts About the Media Habits of International Sporting Event Fans

Today, we’re going worldwide. We’re turning to fans of international sporting events to look at the media consumption and habits that will help advertisers target the right audience on the right channel.

  1. They’re 49% more likely than the average consumer to pay for Peacock or Peacock Premium streaming service.
  2. These sports fanatics are 206% more likely than the average consumer to consider ESPN one of their top TV networks, with NBC Sports network closely behind at 202% more likely.
  3. They’re 20% more likely to use a streaming box like Roku or Apple TV to watch streaming channels.
  4. Sports are always in the palm of their hand. Sports apps are their top used mobile app category.
  5. They are more likely to read the daily local newspaper than the average consumer.

media habits sports fans - media habits international sporting event fans

Source: Resonate Ignite Platform™, July 2021

How Can You Put These Sporting Event Insights Into Action?

With these media consumption data in hand, brands and advertisers can align their ad spend with whether placement during international sporting events make sense. We can see that brands like Honda, Nissan, United Airlines, American Airlines, Hilton Hotels, McDonald’s, and Starbucks are already top brands for these sports fans. For these brands, there is alignment that indicates spending the advertising dollars would make sense to reach other viewers that could be similar to their current customers.

The Ignite Platform™ indicates these sports fans are driven by an optimistic outlook, respect and trust from others, duty, and safety in oneself and their family. Additionally, they prefer to live an active lifestyle and exercise two or more times a week. These are themes that can inform creative to resonate on a deeper level with these viewers.

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media habits sports fans - media habits international sporting event fans

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