A Critical Week: Battleground Voter Insights from the Campaign Trail

Instead of sharing a stage and squaring off from a distance of 13 feet, the presidential candidates found themselves over a thousand miles apart this week, but they both packed the same agenda: woo the battleground voter.

Fresh off his own battle with coronavirus, President Trump jet set to Florida, a land too close to call. Amtrak Joe made another stop in Ohio, continuing the Democratic comeback campaign for the Rust Belt working class.

Here are the values, motivations, and key issues driving known swing voters online – this week – in both of these battlegrounds.




A Critical Week: Battleground Voter Insights from the Campaign Trail

A Critical Week: Battleground Voter Insights from the Campaign Trail

Composition: distribution, or proportion, of those in audience that possess a trait
Index: indicates how likely the audience is to possess a trait compared to the average U.S. voter online

Back in Washington

On Capitol Hill this week, the Trump-nominated Supreme Court Justice just about locked in her confirmation, enduring two days of questions from senators during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings.

In absence of a second presidential debate and in need of a spark, Republican campaigns may have found it during Amy Coney Barrett’s time in the spotlight. According to Nielsen data, Fox News coverage of the hearings dominated ratings, beating CNN and MSNBC combined. MSNBC finished second to Fox.

Freshly pulled from Resonate’s online behavioral models, below are political insights on the registered voters that were likely tuned in to either the Fox News or MSNBC hearing coverage.

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Courting women swing voters – Judge Barrett could help Republicans – but here’s what both sides should know

Trump is struggling with women voters, especially suburban women. In 2016, running against the first-ever female presidential candidate, Trump lost women voters by 12%. But now, running against another white senior male, the situation may be even worse. Recent polling shows Trump trailing Biden with women voters by more than his 2016 deficit.

Aware of these numbers, Republican campaigns realized they may have a political star in Judge Amy Coney Barrett, a working mom to 7 children. Optically, playing up Judge Barrett’s nomination on the campaign could be a real advantage, but what does the data say about driving undecided women voters to action?

Resonate’s online behavioral models have identified an online audience of 16 million female, known swing voters in recent elections – an audience available for immediate targeting.

Roughly half of this audience has children under the age of 18 and roughly 75% of these women are currently working from home.

In fact, compared to the average voter, the data show these women are over 600% more likely to be working remotely during the pandemic. Republicans should continue to message around Judge Barrett’s role as a working mother to school-aged children, connecting with these voters on a personal level, in real-time.

When it comes to the values that matter most, this voter segment prioritizes safety in their community and nation, accepting those who are different and trust from others.

With this swing voter audience comprised of women, messaging around the coronavirus may not be as effective as you may think. Our data show that COVID-19 has not really changed this audience’s opinion on Trump. On other policy issues, we’re seeing these voters are most concerned with:

  • Education policy
  • Maintaining a strong military and actively deploying the troops to protect the country
  • Bringing back jobs from overseas
  • Increasing the corporate tax rate

Looking Ahead

Whether it’s getting a message to swing voters in key battlegrounds the presidential candidates are fighting for, or reaching undecided women voters with a message to win their hearts and minds, winning campaigns can start today with Resonate.

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