Case Study: Using Data to Craft Values-Driven Advertising Copy

Resonate Case Study: Using Data to Craft Values-Driven Ad Copy

To launch the latest product line of Titleist Vokey Design Wedges, Red Door Interactive turned to Resonate data to help craft a creative campaign that would make the biggest splash yet. Insights uncovered in the Resonate Ignite Platform™ inspired values-driven advertising core to the campaign.

According to their website, Red Door Interactive is “a fiercely independent marketing agency” providing full-service marketing and advertising to clients across the globe. Founded in 2002 in San Diego, Red Door prides itself on being data-driven in everything they do. Their client Titleist, the industry-leading golf equipment brand by the Acushnet Company, has partnered with the Red Door team to launch the past several lines of Vokey Design Wedges.

Resonate’s unique data goes beyond basic demographics and psychographics to reveal the “why” behind consumers’ decisions, including personal values. Consciously or not, our values influence our opinions and behaviors, including purchase decisions and brand loyalty. A values-driven approach to advertising can bolster effectiveness and efficiency.

Read on to learn how the Red Door team applied data to craft copy appealing to the core attributes driving Titleist’s target audience.

Red Door’s challenge: Convincing golfers that the Vokey SM8 is the right wedge for them

Avid golfers are always looking for ways to perfect their shot—but new technology is a big monetary investment. Red Door Interactive’s creative campaign had to convince players that the right products can help them lower their score, but that Vokey SM8 was the best tool in the game to do so.

How Resonate helped: Providing real-time data on audience values

In the Resonate Ignite Platform™ , Red Door built an audience of golfers who watch the PGA tour — wanting to narrow in on serious golfers who want the products the pros use.

The Personal Values report revealed that the target audience values dependability and reputation more than the average American, and suggested using similar themes in creative and messaging.

Resonate Case Study: Using Data to Craft Values-Driven Advertising Copy

Index indicates how likely this audience is to possess a trait, or attribute, as compared to the baseline of the U.S. online adult population, with 100 representing average.  Addressable refers to the estimate size of devices available for activation in the Resonate Ignite Platform™

The strategist put these insights right into the creative brief.

They pride themselves on making independent choices that are admired by their peers. They view themselves as reliable and want products that they can trust as dependable as well.

And the copywriter baked this deep understanding on the audience right into the campaign’s main tagline: “For those who refuse to compromise.”

Red Door Interactive Creative for Vokey Wedges, Informed by Resonate Data

For an audience that doesn’t skimp on product quality and perhaps want to prove themselves to their golf buddies, this values-driven advertising message is likely to drive home.

Craft your own values-driven advertising with Resonate’s fresh, privacy-safe data

Understanding your audience’s values helps you connect with them on a deeper level, driving acquisition and brand loyalty. Request a demo today to access real-time insights on your or your clients’ target audiences.

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