Consumer Values are the Big Winners in the Big Game’s Ads

If you watched the Big Game last night, were you in it for the touchdowns, the halftime show, or, like us, the commercials? The game itself underwhelmed (sorry, Chiefs fans) but, despite slow sells at the start, the ad spots delivered. There were early predictions that ads could overcorrect into the sentimental and the serious after what’s been a decidedly hard year. But, thankfully for all of us in need of an occasional giggle, the ad gods delivered with the heartwarming, the amusing, and the comedic.

So, how did those ads perform? You could read the analysis from your favorite agency leaders — or take a walk through the Resonate team’s favorites. We’ll explain how our human-level insights showcase exactly how each ad aligned with a brand’s particular audience.

State Farm® | “Drake From State Farm”

State Farm policyholders are 20% more likely than the average American consumer to watch pro sports on TV and 32% more likely to watch the NFL, so, while this ad seemed to be more of a just-for-fun spot, it was sure to get in front of State Farm’s target audience. They’re 11% more likely to say they enjoy listening to music, so we know the Drake reference won’t fall on deaf ears here. Looks like State Farm knows themself, knows their worth.*

Of those consumers who have heard of State Farm, but aren’t current customers, 71% are likely to watch the Big Game. More brand awareness is always a win, particularly with a group that’s 12% more likely to appreciate on-screen comedy.

*We’re not going to say it was easy to work in a Drake lyric here, but you do what you have to do.

Toyota | “Upstream” American Paralympic Swimmer Jessica Long

The context you need: Toyota is a World Olympic and Paralympic partner. And, because they have an audience that is 98% more likely than the average consumer to watch the Olympics and 9% more likely to value athletic accomplishment, it only makes sense they would create a tear-jerking, uplifting ad featuring one of the most decorated athletes in U.S. Paralympic history. Jessica Long was adopted from Siberia as a 13-month old and, shortly thereafter, had both legs amputated due to a rare condition. Her story, from that first phone call through her incredibly successful athletic career, is documented in this incredibly filmed 60-second spot.

Additionally, Toyota drivers are 4% more likely to have an optimistic outlook so an ad that centers around optimism and inspiration will likely resonate with their mindset.

DoorDash | “The Neighborhood”

DoorDash has had a rough year. The company has come under criticism for how their tips are distributed to gig workers, as well as the commissions they charge restaurants on their platform. So, to sweep those bad vibes away, they’ve partnered with everyone’s favorite children’s TV show: Sesame Street. They created a charming, sunny spot and a promise that $1 from all DoorDash orders on February 7 and 8 will go to the Sesame Workshop, the non-profit behind the show.

According to Resonate’s data on consumer concern for corporate responsibility, DoorDash users are 16% more likely than average to prefer companies that listen to the public and 4% more likely to prefer companies that support the community. Additionally, 43% have children under 18. By listening to consumer frustration with their practices and providing a clear plan to do good, DoorDash made strides in repairing their image — that’s a Big Game ROI that could be immeasurable.

Tide | “The Jason Alexander Hoodie”

Everybody does laundry, right? Well, almost everybody: 84% of the American adult population according to Resonate data. 30% of those laundry-doers are Seinfeld fans. So, a Jason Alexander spot is a home run (or a touchdown), right?

We think so — and not just because it was one of our personal favorites. They’re also more likely to enjoy comedy and to have children at home than the average consumer so this ad may hit close to home…while hopefully garnering a few laughs.

Rocket Mortgage | “Certain is Better” with Tracy Morgan

“I’m pretty sure these hornets aren’t the murdering type.” “I’m pretty sure these are parachutes.” Tracy Morgan is here to tell you why it’s better to be certain, rather than pretty sure, in life — especially when it comes to your mortgage. So, can Rocket Mortgage be pretty sure this ad is a win with their target audience? Or can they be certain?

Well, their target market — defined presumably as those looking to take out a home mortgage in the next 6 months and those who currently have an increased likelihood to take out a mortgage or refinance — is 47% more likely to watch Saturday Night Live than the average American consumer. Tracy Morgan is a reliable throwback to those old SNL days so you know these fans will be excited to see him on the small screen, if only for one minute and twenty seconds.

What Could Resonate’s Data Reveal About Your Consumers?

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