It’s Daylight Saving Time – Americans Need Coffee!

If you are reading this and haven’t been running late for everything, congratulations! You a) remembered to “spring” your clocks forward and b) have been dragging yourself out of bed on time (this writer has not). The first few days of Daylight Saving Time prompt a lot of Americans to reach for a third, fourth, fifth, or even 6th! cup of coffee, at least for the first few days of this week… 

Because Resonators are obsessed with data, we did a little research between our fourth and fifth cups yesterday morning and afternoon. First, we checked in with a coffee connoisseur from Texas who can tell when a brand of coffee has been brewed in purified water or “straight from the tap.” She buys her coffee online – from coffee brands, coffee stores and grocery stores – and consumes it at home.  

Then we dove into the Resonate AI data engine to find out more about Americans who are serious about coffee. We have a LOT of data sets on coffee lovers but decided to concentrate on those who buy online and consume at home. We wanted to find out who they really are.  

Here’s what we found: 

Coffee Drinkers Who Buy Online & Consume at Home

More than half are female, 48% of them work full time, 42% of them are between the ages of 25 and 54 and 47% have children under 18. They drink coffee every day.  

They value being in charge and directing people (almost half of them probably answer to “Mom” and are juggling work and family, so, yeah). These coffee drinkers also enjoy fishing, hiking and camping, as well as music, all of which are better with a good cup of Joe. (If you haven’t taken a thermos full of coffee on a pre-dawn fishing trip, you don’t know how to fish, IOHO.) 

These caffeine-fueled super Moms are most likely to purchase products that are produced sustainably. Is your brand organic, concerned about nature and working to help the environment? Tell them about it in your marketing message. 

They also are all about looking for the best prices and sales. Knowing that, it shouldn’t come as a surprise they list TJ Maxx and Kohl’s as their top retailers and Old Navy as their top clothing retailer. (They’ve got work clothes and kids’ clothes covered with these retailers!) Keep them in mind when you are planning sales and other cost-saving promotions. Got a loyalty program that will save them a few bucks? Tell them. 

Coffee Drinkers Who Buy Online and Consume at Home | Resonate Data

There’s so much more to know about them – from the causes they support to how much TV they watch and on what channels. We found out all of this more quickly and easily. Why? Because to reach your customers today, marketers need a solution that allows them to go deeper, drilling down to what makes a human, human. 

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