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In this report, you’ll meet the three states of consumer sentiment updated for the holidays.

Learn how Resonate’s first-party data enrichment opens the aperture on your customers to give a 360-degree view of your own data.

Learn how to become an expert across many verticals and get a preview of deep consumer data directly from the Resonate Consumer Intelligence Platform.

Drive revenue with insights to further individuality, representation, and authenticity.

Breaking data keeping up with where Americans stand today.

Supercharge Your Agency: The Rise of the Agency Avengers

Harness your Agency Avengers’ superpowers to navigate the new normal as a lean, mean and agile AI-driven machine.

Follow this blueprint to launch record breaking campaigns – and the opportunities with advertisers will be limitless.

State of the Consumer Report

Your 2022 planning relies on understanding the Overwhelmed, Influenced, and Activist consumers.