The role of the modern marketer has never been more complex. The demands are endless: produce content and creative that connects with consumers who are on information overload, play the role of technologist, data scientist and revenue manager, report ROI to company execs. Don’t forget keeping up with the latest marketing trends. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Check out our latest resources on today’s consumers and how Resonate helps solves many of these daunting challenges.

Learn why you should not be marketing to entire generations the same way.

Get smart on five trending consumer segments and how you should reach them.

Get a better understanding of the personal values and motivations that drive consumer decisions.


With so many brands for consumers to choose from, it can be a challenge for brands to break through the noise. Resonate’s easy-to-use consumer intelligence platform helps brands find innovative ways to retain and attract customers and develop effective strategies to increase revenue and customer lifetime value.

Learn how deep consumer insights will attract new customers.

The five ways dynamic insights play a role in acquisition.

Find the four different shopper segments during BTS season.

How person-level insights will make your loyalty program more relevant.

Three ways to give your brand love a boost using deep insights.

Transform Customer Experience with a Deeper Understanding of Consumers

How to retain (or attract) the 37.3 million potential bank switchers.

Find out how you can keep (or acquire) 31 million persuadable bank switchers.

The major differences between Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers.

How CPG brands can bring their static data to life.

Create an effective segmentation strategy that’s dynamic, intelligent and successful.


Agencies are under immense pressure to find new and innovative ways to win new business, retain current business and compete against new and untraditional players. Deep consumer insights no doubt help agencies become their client’s partners, offering them more than they ever knew about their target audiences and their competitor’s customers. Check out our resources on how agencies can use this deepest understanding to win more business and drive your agency growth.

Find inspiration for your own agency uprising and start winning new business and wowing your current clients even more.

How to run successful campaigns and new win business, all in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Understanding the why behind consumer behavior and how to target them.


No other segment of the U.S. population is as hard to understand as the modern voter. Political and advocacy groups are challenged to connect with voters despite working with very little information about what drives their daily decisions. Deep voter insights that reveal what’s influencing who they support and what causes they advocate are essential. Check out our resources for how voter insights play a critical role in politics and advocacy.

Learn the ins and outs of nine distinct voter segments within the political parties.

Splitting people into two static categories—Democrat or Republican—isn’t a realistic voter targeting strategy.

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