Intender Data: The Secret Sauce of Marketing in the Moment

We know that effective digital advertising in the post-digital era requires a targeted approach to specific segments that serves the right message at the right time. The messages must be presented during moments within the consideration or decision-making phases of the customer journey – and not after – which is when the audience can be influenced most.

These moments are key opportunities for brands and must be identified, harnessed, and leveraged by brands and agencies. To make it happen, a digital campaign must rely on accurate, real-time data that shows intention.

At Resonate, we call this our Intender Data.

Intender Data? Tell me more.

Intender Data refers to a customer’s intention to purchase a product or service, or switch providers. The data also reveals when a life event – such as becoming a spouse, parent, or grandparent – is happening or will happen. This information represents “moments” and opportunities in time. It is likely that these moments are short-lived and fleeting.

So how does Resonate acquire this Intender Data? How do we ensure the information is updated and we don’t show a customer ads for laptops when they just bought one three weeks ago? How do we catch these moments before the opportunities pass by?

To collect our data, we initiate and distribute surveys that contain carefully crafted questions that allow us to collect the information we need. After the surveys are completed, we continue to collect information regarding the respondents’ online behaviors. Both data sets are then merged and evaluated to create a predictive model of behavior for that particular audience segment. Behavioral data is continually collected and the models are updated daily factoring in the new information.

For example, an identified online survey respondent completes a survey. Through the results, the respondent reveals that she is pregnant and therefore, about to become a parent. Post-survey, we continue to collect behavioral data based on the respondent’s online actions and merge the information. From the original ground truth survey data collected and her online behavior, our data science team creates the “Expectant Parent” predictive model.

Using the “Expectant Parent” model and our 7,000 attributes, our predictive models provide online behaviors that create the Intender Data used to identify the advertising moments of opportunity.

The behavior data is updated nightly allowing the models to continually update and provide valuable information for targeting and move individuals from one predictive model to the next as moments pass.

Another way we create Intender Data is to collect online behavior from unidentified individuals. For example, we collect the online behavior data for Jane Doe and based on Jane’s behaviors, it appears that she fits the “Expectant Parent” model and she is pregnant.

Using our “Expectant Parent” predictive model, we target Jane accordingly and serve relevant digital ads and brand messages. However, she will not always be an expectant parent and as her behavior changes over time, Jane will move from the “Expectant Parent” model into “Parent of a Toddler” predictive model. Jane will continue to move from model-to-model based on time and behavior changes.

Intender Data is incredibly useful for digital marketing campaigns. It is a set of information that provides predictive models for audience segmentation and targeting, which is essential for executing digital advertising campaigns that hit the mark – and don’t miss the moment.