Issue-driven Targeting: Don’t Rely On Traditional Sources or Party Affiliation to Reveal Who Supports New Energy

Climate change is an issue that cuts across the political spectrum and requires advocacy campaigns to think differently when identifying and activating advocates. We analyzed climate change supporters on both sides of the aisle by using Resonate AI-powered, privacy-safe data. We uncovered a niche online audience of more than 11 million Republicans who are very passionate about reducing climate change in 2023. When we looked at Biden voters, we found that almost 34 million Biden supporters online favor and prioritize developing traditional energy sources in 2023.  

Commercially modeled voter files – which most campaigns rely on – would likely have missed these audiences. Today, however, winning policy campaigns is no longer a matter of solely mobilizing one side. The right data can help identify engaged advocates across the political spectrum and by doing so, turn up the volume to a level that can be heard loud and clear.  

For an energy-focused campaign facing energy exploration challenges, this audience is a can’t-miss.   

Traditional Energy Biden Voters 

While Democrats are driving shifts to climate change policy, many at the expense of traditional energy development, our models uncovered the massive 34M online audience of Biden voters who feel differently from their party leaders. 

Our data show that while this audience is a more traditional “Blue Dog Democrat” audience, they are not necessarily older than the average registered Democrat. The majority of these pro-energy Democrats are female and between 35 and 54:  

Traditional energy | biden voters | audience demographics

(Source: Resonate Ignite Platform, February 2023)


When it comes to personal values and motivations, the proenergy Biden voters are much more likely to be religious and to value maintaining traditions. 

Traditional energy supporters | Biden voters | personal values

(Source: Resonate Ignite Platform, February 2023)


Compared to average Democrats, we also see the proenergy Biden voter break from the party on a few other issue positions. For example, this audience is 52% more likely to believe immigration is a threat to the United States and 25% more likely to believe the Biden Administration should make criminal justice a top priority.

Traditional Energy audience | perceived threat to the US

This audience also takes a harder line on homeland security, entitlement reform and internet privacy. 

traditional energy | biden voters | top policy issues

(Source: Resonate Ignite Platform, February 2023)


Making the data actionable  

In a divided Congress dealing with gridlocked issues like climate change policies vs. energy exploration, campaigns armed with this type of niche data can activate advocates on both sides of the aisle and demand Congress pay attention to their cause and concerns.  

The above audience is just one of thousands of policy-focused audiences that campaigns can build and activate instantly using Resonate data. Let us know what issue you need to win on in 2023, and we’ll show you the audiences that can drive you to victory.

At Resonate, machine learning drives accurate predictions on the hundreds of policy positions currently held by 90% of the electorate online. By combining the nation’s largest continuous voter survey with daily online behavioral analysis, our clients can target audiences based on individually held policy positions and develop messaging based on the demonstrated values, motivations and life stages responsible for the position taken. This contrasts with most data firms that rely on voter file insights like party affiliation or basic demographics (often at the household level vs. individual) to make broad assumptions on how an audience may feel about unique issues. 

Targeting based on issue alignment or persuadability powered Resonate clients to a nearly 80% win rate in the 2022 midterms — or 20% above those that solely relied on voter file insights or basic demographics to inform digital buys. 

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