It’s Tablet Time! Learn 4 New Insights on Disney+ Viewers With Elementary School Kids

When you think Disney+, parents of elementary school kids are probably one of the first demographics that come to mind. But, what do you know about them beyond their love of Frozen? We took a look at Disney+ viewers with elementary school age kids, children ages 5-9 for our purposes today, and discovered 4 fast facts that can help Disney+ keep this audience coming back.

The Disney+ data doesn’t stop here! We’re always looking at insights on one of our favorite streaming channels. We’ve also looked at Disney+ Viewers Without Kids and Verizon Customers Who are Disney+ Subscribers (are they just using their free year?!).

One: They value living an exciting life

These Disney+ viewers are driven by living an exciting life, but they also value caring for family and friends. They’re likely drawn to shows that tie in both of those themes, so don’t underestimate their willingness to switch on the TV for an episode of Mandelorian after the kids go to bed. Additionally, they’re more likely than the average consumer to eat with their family four times a week, so family time is high on their priority list. Shows that encourage families to gather round together are sure to be a hit.

Source: Resonate Ignite Platform™, November 2021

Two: The mobile app experience needs to be top notch

You know the drill. Parents want to eat a meal in peace or make it to their road trip destination without a meltdown. Child gets the iPad. This routine tracks with this audience’s viewing behavior. They’re 54% more likely than the average consumer to watch Disney+ on both their phone and tablet and we have an inkling that it might be Junior who has the app in hand. Creating an easy to navigate experience will help these Disney+ parents out.

Source: Resonate Ignite Platform™, November 2021

Three: Nearly 90% also subscribe to Netflix

When it comes to competitors, one rises above the rest. Netflix is the behemoth that dominates streaming subscriptions and almost 90% of this group regularly watch it. They’re more likely across the board to watch almost all streaming channels, but one to notice: ESPN+. They are 156% more likely than the average consumer to watch ESPN+. Does this mean Disney+ needs to keep their eye on sports programming opportunities?

Source: Resonate Ignite Platform™, November 2021

Four: This group is optimistic, confident, curious, and playful

Network marketers need to connect with their viewers’ mindset. If Disney+ viewers with elementary school-age kids are their target audience, they need to think optimistic, confident, curious, and playful. Those are all words that evoke Disney, right? These kid-friendly attitudes should come across in both messaging and content in order to resonate with viewers.

Source: Resonate Ignite Platform™, November 2021

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