Mom Might Know Best, But You Can Still Master Your Mother’s Day Marketing Campaign

Mother’s Day is May 12, 2024, which means it’s time for consumers to start shopping for gifts to show their appreciation! It’s also time for brands and agencies to begin preparing advertising that’s specifically geared towards those celebrating the special mother or mother figure in their lives. To both target customers effectively and create the personalized shopping experience modern consumers demand, you need detailed insights that provide fresh data on who you’re targeting on an individual level.

Let’s take a look at four key consumer segments to target this Mother’s Day.

The Mother’s Day Jewelry Shoppers Segment

The Mother’s Day Jewelry Shoppers segment doesn’t demonstrate consistent brand loyalty, and they may prioritize other factors—aside from brand name—when it comes to making purchasing decisions. This trait is strong among these consumers: 39% have never been loyal to specific brands for certain products, and they’re 88% more likely than the average adult online consumer to exhibit this characteristic. Not only are they not brand followers, the Mother’s Day Jewelry Shoppers aren’t trend followers, either. A significant percentage of this audience—50%—prefers practicality over what’s “new” or “trending.”

So, what does this audience care about? Resonate’s AI-powered engine shows they support causes: 49% are more likely to purchase items from a company that either supports or promotes veterans and military families. They also care about quality, with 57% buying products and services that rank as high quality. The Mother’s Day Jewelry Shoppers segment strongly values sustainability as well; they’re 170% more likely than the average online adult to purchase apparel products that are produced sustainably. Finally, they’re an audience that prioritizes religion in their daily lives: 47% have a life grounded in religion, and 52% agree that prayer is an important part of their day.

The Mother’s Day Cosmetics Shoppers Segment

The Mother’s Day Cosmetics Shoppers are heavily influenced by word of mouth: 70% make purchases based on recommendations from family members or based on their own prior personal use. They’re also 50% more likely than the average consumer to consider friends as an influential source of recommendations and information when buying cosmetics. Furthermore, 27% consider written customer reviews to be a valuable source of information when cosmetics shopping.

This audience cares about their cosmetics being cruelty-free: 33% consider a lack of animal testing to be the most important benefit when buying cosmetics. They also prioritize how they feel when they use the product, with 40% reporting they consider feeling confident to be the most important personal benefit of cosmetics.

An additional note: brands and agencies looking to reach the Mother’s Day Cosmetics Shoppers segment should look to television. This audience is most heavily engaged on TV compared to all other media channels. Of the 29% that watches television as their main source of media, 32% had a Peacock subscription, 42% watched CBS regularly, and 42% watched NBC regularly. Finally, they also demonstrate brand affinity, and some of their top retailers include Aldi, UGG, Chrysler, Courtyard by Marriott, Hawaiian Airlines, and Olive Garden.

The Mother’s Day Greeting Card Shoppers Segment

The Mother’s Day Greeting Card Shoppers segment prefers to shop at retailers that make returns easy, and when they’re making purchases, they prioritize products that are suitable for all their family members rather than just one person. This suggests a focus on family well-being and convenience in their buying decisions. It’s also important to note that this segment is overwhelmingly female: 72% of the Mother’s Day Greeting Card Shoppers segment are women.

This audience does demonstrate some brand affinity—they love Lululemon for apparel and tend to use VRBO when booking accommodations for a vacation—and they also love to garden. The Mother’s Day Greeting Card Shoppers segment is 172% more likely than the average online adult population to purchase garden and outdoor products in the future, and they already know where they intend to shop: Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Walmart. They’re also planning to spruce up their yards and other outdoor spaces with products like lawn furniture, awnings, fire pits, and grills.

The General Mother’s Day Shopper Segment

This general, catch-all audience of Mother’s Day shoppers is highly budget conscious: 58% use coupons, 74% label themselves “discount finders,” 33% have postponed home improvements due to rising prices, and 57% are buying from cheaper stores or alternative brands due to higher costs. In addition to considering price, the General Mother’s Day Shopper segment also thinks about the environment and is 165% more likely than the average online adult population to purchase products that are produced sustainably.

This segment has an interesting mix of psychological drivers, hobbies, habits, and media consumption that provide a wide array of information for brands and agencies targeting them. For instance, the General Mother’s Day Shopper segment is 68% more likely than the average online adult population to be personally driven by respect from others. They’re also 122% more likely to have watched the Olympics in the past two years, and they’re conscious of their health: 47% avoid drinking soda, and 23% seek out foods that are labeled as having “no carbs” or as being “low carb.” Brands and agencies can find them on social media—they enjoy using Nextdoor, Pinterest, and LinkedIn—and watching television. Specifically, this segment subscribes to Peacock, Hulu, and Paramount+, and they enjoy the Learning Channel, HGTV, and the Game Show Network.

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