As Automotive Shifts Ad Dollars Away From Linear, Many Are Scrambling For a Piece of the $9.47B Pie

Automotive Advertising Heads to Streaming TV

The automotive industry, one of the most important advertising categories, is shifting dollars away from broadcast TV and cable, and will be increasing spend on digital media, streaming video, and OTT. In streaming and OTT alone, expect a 20% spend increase in 2022. This comes just a year after seeing a 35% boost for these same channels in 2021. Publishers and media groups now have the opportunity to take a sizable bite of the $9.47B that auto dealers are expected to spend across the US in 2022. 

First-Party Data for Better Automotive Advertising

If you’re a publisher, media group, or network reading this… ask yourself: Does your team have the 1P insights and audience intelligence needed to win these dollars? Can you differentiate your media solution from the competition? Resonate’s Ignite Platform ties publisher and network 1P data to the freshest, most robust insights machine, ultimately differentiating value proposition. It’s critical, particularly as we’re staring down the inevitable crumbling of the cookie and evolving privacy standards, that your team’s 1P data becomes the advertising currency of the future.  

Resonate has 500+ automotive attributes that help sales teams win local, regional, and national OEM business. Resonate’s automotive study and behavioral profiles allow for the creation of intender segments that cannot be found anywhere else in the ecosystem. Most importantly, these insights and profiles can be connected to various digital properties such as website, mobile app, or CTV. The 1P audience story — related to advertisers’ relevant category needs — is the key for sales teams that are successfully renewing and winning business this year. 

Audience Insights To Consider 

Let’s say the New York DMA is the target market of conversation, where half of households own at least one car. That’s 8.6M individuals that Resonate can efficiently understand and reach. 

Resonate Auto Intenders Audience Insights

Diving deeper into this segment, to varying compositions and indices, Resonate shows that these individuals: 

  • Are often the primary vehicle decision maker 
  • Opted for a new car during their last purchase 
  • Go to the dealership for service 
  • Are not totally open to exploring online purchasing platforms such as Carvana 
  • Rely on their dealers’ websites for influential pieces of information 

These insights are good news for most automotive advertisers and create meaningful, compelling conversations and strategy. Better news for dealers is that 16% of this segment is already in market for another auto; 24% plan to spend between $25K-$35K. Through Resonate’s Ignite Platform, publishers and media groups can relate these insights to their owned & operated digital properties — helping them win monumental deals while becoming a trusted partner for advertisers. 

Car Buyer Preferences and Motivations

Shift Your Data into High Gear

Resonate’s AI-driven, privacy safe insights are trusted by hundreds of agencies, publishers, and media groups across the US to help them win more advertising and sponsorship deals. The automotive category is just the beginning of potential revenue opportunity. Resonate’s taxonomy measures over 14,000 attributes across all key advertiser categories – financial services, health & pharma, travel, CPG, retail, grocery, and more. Sales and strategy teams across the US access Resonate’s easy-to-use, intuitive platform daily to gain insight into their 1P data + O&O audiences, build relevant target segments, and activate digital campaigns that drive results for their clients. 

Want to get started winning your piece of the $9.47B pie? Contact us today for a personalized demo, revealing the key audience targeting that will help you skyrocket ad revenue, boost retention, and make 2022 a game-changing year for your company. 

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