Patriots vs. Eagles: A Tale of Two Fan Bases


Ahead of Sunday’s big game, we wanted to take a look at the real driving forces behind this years AFC and NFC winners… the Patriots and Eagles fans… to see what really makes them tick (and if all the stereotypes hold true).

Ah, Pats and Eagles fans… their reputations definitely proceed them. Love or hate ’em (because there really isn’t any in-between), we thought it would be fun to take a deep dive into our consumer data and see if the stereotypes hold true. Is there more to these fans beyond their love for Tom Brady and propensity to get rowdy? And can we unlock some reasoning behind their apparent madness (no offense)? Let’s take a look…

At first glance, it turns out these two fan bases are more alike than they’d probably like to admit. Strictly looking at some basic demographics, they’re nearly identical.

Pats vs. Eagles demos

And even taking it one step further and looking at their media traits and online activity… again… Pats and Eagles fans… you’re pretty spot on with your habits.

pats vs eagles media traits

But here is where it starts to get interesting:

                                Patriots Fans                                                                        Eagles Fans
Values & Motivations  Values & Motivations 
  • Patriots fans value family, financial stability, and living a long and healthy life. Taking care of their families and maintaining traditions are top motivating factors.
  • This may explain their unwavering support and love for Tom Brady… one big ol’ New England family! 
  • Whereas Eagles fans value happiness, love, and creating memories. Living a happy and exciting life is their top motivating factor.
  • We’ll see if this weekend can provide some happiness and memorable experiences for them in the form of a Super Bowl ring… 


Media Consumption  Media Consumption
  • When they’re not watching football, Patriots fans are more likely than Eagles fans to watch Educational TV (History Channel, Travel Channel & Nat Geo) and Public Programming.
  • Go ahead New England, brag away…
  • Eagles fans are more likely to watch Entertainment TV (Bravo, E! & Comedy Central) as well as popular prime time shows.
  • They’re yelling at the screen on Sunday and laughing/crying to ‘This Is Us’ on Tuesday.


Retailer & Product Preferences Retailer & Product Preferences
  • Patriots fans overwhelming prefer companies that are viewed as honest & trustworthy.
  • Don’t be trying to sneak any fake ads or claims past these folks!
  • They are 34% more likely than Eagles fans to shop at stores with knowledgeable staff. And 27% more likely to choose a retailer with friendly/helpful employees.
  • Retailers take note, when you see those Pats jerseys offer to lend a helping hand!
  • They prefer products that are practical, high-quality, and dependable. And are 16% more likely to shop in bulk.
  • This crowd isn’t easily swayed by shiny new things. Give them tried and true all day long… just like their QB! 
  • Eagles fans are 44% more likely than Pats fans to shop at a store with a clean and enjoyable atmosphere. And 20% more likely to choose a retailer based on their loyalty programs.
  • Contrary to popular belief, looks like they do value loyalty! ;)
  • These fans are 40% more likely than Pats fans to follow a brand or product on social media.
  • And no real surprise here, they aren’t afraid to share their opinions about said brand or product either.
  • They prefer products that are the best looking, enjoyable, and unique. And are 31% more likely to make impulse purchases.
  • Minnesota stores, we’d suggest putting your latest and greatest products out front for these guys!


 Drink Preferences Drink Preferences
  • Patriots fans are more likely to have consumed bourbon, gin, scotch, and beer in the last 30 days. And are more likely than Eagles fans to drink coffee.
  • Looks like Pats fans might be drinking Minnesota dry this weekend! 
  • Eagles fans are more likely to have consumed vodka in the last 30 days. And are more likely than Pats fans to drink energy drinks.
  • Win or lose, it’s going to be a long night for Eagles fans on Sunday! 

Source: Resonate 02/2018

So besides the obvious amusement factor of analyzing Patriots and Eagles fans, why does all of this matter?

Well all jokes aside, these two massive fan bases are prime targets for advertisers this weekend. When looking solely at their basic demographics and media traits, these two groups are nearly identical. Any targeting efforts based on these factors alone won’t cut it. Brands and products that might appeal to Patriots fans could completely miss the mark when being pitched the same way to Eagles fans.

For advertisers who are running ads during the Super Bowl and retailers trying to attract the swarm of fans, knowing and understanding the differentiating traits between these two groups is imperative. Catering creative and messaging to these fans based on their individual values, motivations, preferences and purchase drivers will result in a huge touchdown for brands, not just this weekend but in the coming months. So I hope they did their homework because there is definitely more than meets the eye to these Pats and Eagles fans!

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