How to Reach Unvaccinated Americans with Values-Driven Insights

Real-Time data to aid vaccine persuasion

Campaigns aren’t working on unvaccinated Americans. These granular insights could help move the needle.

The Delta variant and recent change in Republican rhetoric are pushing some unvaccinated Americans to get the shot, but at ~30% of the adult population, these two forces won’t be enough to close the gap.

Using the powerful AI in the Resonate Ignite Platform™, we’re able to build a segment of Americans who never plan on getting the vaccine, or are only slightly likely to. This reveals 13,000+ real-time data points about them, down to their personal values, psychological drivers, lifestyles, media diets, and more.

Demographics of vaccine-resistant Americans

Demographic insights on unvaccinated Americans

The demographics of vaccine-resistant Americans. Source: the Resonate Ignite Platform™

Demographics are a good level-set, but to even begin to understand and engage these unvaccinated Americans, we must know *why* they’re hesitant or resistant.

Top reasons for not wanting the COVID-19 vaccine

  • 1 in 3 don’t want the COVID-19 vaccine because don’t think existing ones are safe
  • 19% are concerned about side effects.
  • 15% are waiting to see how others respond
  • 10% don’t trust vaccines in general
  • 8% don’t know
  • 7% don’t think they’ll get sick
  • 5% don’t trust the medical field
  • 3% don’t understand how the vaccines work

The above answers are conscious ones, but what about the subconscious drivers of vaccine hesitancy?

The personal values and psychological drivers of vaccine-resistant Americans

Personal values and psychological drivers underpin every decision humans make, from what brands to buy to who we trust to whether or not we are comfortable getting a vaccine during a global pandemic.

Personal values on vaccine-resistant Americans

The personal values of vaccine-resistant Americans. Source: the Resonate Ignite Platform™

This traditional and independent group do not like being told what to do, but at their core they are devout, loving individuals who enjoy the excitement of life – it could be worth emphasizing these themes in messaging.

Get access to 13,000+ more data points on vaccine-resistant Americans in any part of the U.S.

These crucial insights are available on virtually any segment of Americans. Trying to reach Missourian millennials? Black Washingtonians? San Franciscan teens? All unvaccinated Americans?

Our real-time data doesn’t just tell you *who* the unvaccinated are, but *why* they’re hesitant or resistant. With our platform, get immediate insight on how to motivate a nuanced target audience, then immediately activate the right message on the right channel. 

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For a deeper dive, check out our Moving the Needle report.

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