Resonate Overview Video: Easily achieve a deeper understanding of your audience

In this overview video, you’ll meet Resonate, the single platform that allows you to research any audience in great depth, engage them more efficiently than ever before across all marketing channels, and measure your engaged audiences in real-time.

This video is going to focus on how to easily achieve a deeper understanding of your target audience and activate against them.

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Resonate Overview: Easily achieve a deeper understanding of your audience from Resonate

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Video Transcript: Easily achieve a deeper understanding of your audience

Meet Resonate, the single platform that allows you to research any audience in great depth, engage them more efficiently than ever before, across all marketing channels, and measure your engaged audience in real-time. Today we’re going to focus on how to easily achieve a deeper understanding of your target audience and activate against them.

Hi, my name is Alex and I’m a Marketing Analyst. You and I work together for a major electronics retailer.
Let’s jump right in and show you how to gain a richer understanding of an audience we devised from a segmentation study. This segment is price-conscious male shoppers!

We are starting with a simple definition of Price-Conscious Male Shoppers across the United States.

Over here, you will see what percentage of the whole U.S. consumer population this audience is and how many people that translates to, on how many addressable devices. Price-conscious Male Shopper make up 36.5% of the population. There are 66.9 million of them on 87.4 million devices.

To run a successful campaign against our target audience, we will need to know the who, what, when, where and why of our Price-conscious Male shoppers.
Additionally, our executive today asked us to identify what else these shoppers care about, other than price.

We will start at the Audience Introduction Report that highlights the most important attributes we need to know of our audiences: Their demographic profile, top personal and psychological drivers, hobbies and what their daily routine is like.

Check that out! Our audience is indexing very high for everything-athletic and for videogames.

Looking at their top drivers, we see they tend to do things in life for enjoyment, are driven by wanting to gain peer recognition and find athletic accomplishments important. Who are these men? They clearly enjoy athletics in a gym environment. These insights will help us inform our creative messaging.

To further slice and dice these audiences, we can use the Demographics Report. This regional breakdown can help us understand where we’ll be most efficient in finding this audience. The higher the index is, the more efficient our targeting is going to be. We will have to be cautious with the East South Central region where our advertising may not be as effective for this audience. And, of course, this information can be taken to a state level as well. This allows us to be more precise in our targeting.

We can always consult the Audience Summary Report for a detailed comparison of up to five audiences. This provides us with a high-level understanding from demographics to media habits. And you can easily export this report for a quick snapshot.

The Category Affinity Report can help us understand what types of websites our audience engages with, and how much of their online behavior is spent browsing them.

Price-conscious Male Shoppers over-index for websites related to Computers and Consumer Electronics. More specifically, they are engaged predominantly with Computer and Consumer Electronics News, such as Reddit or Mashable. We can get a complete website affinity list from Resonate to inform our programmatic buys. We also collect behavioral information from all respondents which can guide your publisher direct buys.

Now that we understand who our audiences are and where they are, let’s see what, when and why they buy.

In our Analytics tab, you will find great visualizations of our data.

Every attribute we have in Resonate also works as a Filter for our insights. And, of course, we can use them to create audiences and activate against them, which we will see later on.

The Consumer Preference attributes reveal that our audience values products that are innovative, high-quality and durable.

Now let’s talk about index and composition.

Index answers the question, “How likely is my audience to have this attribute, compared to the average U.S. adult population?”

Looking at this attribute, we can state that Price-Conscious male Shoppers are 25% more likely to choose a product because it’s innovative.

Composition is the number of those in the audience who have a trait. Here, 12% of this audience believes that it’s important for a product to be innovative.

As an electronics retailer, we have plenty of new, inventive products on our shelves, so we want to message that to these people.

Let’s narrow down our insight to Retail Selection Traits. Now we learn that our Price-conscious Male Shoppers’ buying decisions are also influenced by a store’s location and product selection. Now we know the answers to our “why” question.

So what can we do to attract them more? One, we make sure that we have the largest selection of products among our competitors and, two, we rely on geofencing to target especially those people who are closer to our locations.

The next thing we need to know is where to find these people: What media do they consume?

Going back to filters, let’s take a look at our audiences’ media consumption habits.

If you can identify what networks and shows people watch, what newspapers they read regularly, you can immensely improve your ad-buying strategy.

Here we see that these audiences watch ESPN the most often, enjoy the show, Marco Polo and read Wall Street Journal regularly. These are the places online and in print, where you would find these audiences and where your messaging will excel.

All we’re missing now is the “what” and “when”.

The Future Purchases filter can reveal that they are looking to buy gaming consoles and computers, tablets and smartphones in the next 12 months.

As an electronics retailer, we can now make a decision, which ads to target Price-conscious male shoppers with.

Here’s this one for our Gamers’ Club – perfect for our sales-loving, gamer audience.

Or this ad for our discount TV – great for watching pro-sports.

This one needs a little tweaking…much better! 20% discount on this innovative product. Our audience will love this!

After identifying the right creative for our audience, let’s engage them. Resonate can act as our DMP, or we can push this segment into our choice of DSPs.
We went from research, to analytics, to activation – all in one platform.

Next, we’ll see how we can monitor the engagement with the audience continuously, across all channels. Imagine what’s possible when you have this type of insight in one, comprehensive platform…Stay tuned for more!

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