Keeping up with the Top 2023 Consumer Segments: Spring Edition

We recently introduced you to the second-largest segment of 2023 consumers, the Cautiously Optimistic, a group many of us can relate to, given recent history. However, if there’s something we marketers understand, it’s that segments can look similar, but that doesn’t mean they behave similarly. Within the Cautiously Optimistic audience, there are distinct subsegments with distinct characteristics and motivations you need to understand to connect – and target – the right message on the right channels. 

We’re catching up with one of these dynamic, granular segments from the Resonate State of the Consumer 2023 report. We have added layers of intent found in the continuously updated Resonate Elements Data set to give you a pulse on nearly 40 million consumers as they are impacted by world events. 

Meet Exciting Eric: Personal values, top hobbies and more 

Exciting Eric is a subsegment of the Cautiously Optimistic Consumer. Eric and his cohorts are driven by the need to live an exciting life. Resonate models found that this group makes up 16.8% of the US population (40M people) and that: 

  • 12% of this group has a household income of $150K+  
  • 40% have children under 18 years of age 

Their favorite pastimes? Happy hour and attending music festivals and concerts. 

Their daily routine? Includes being physically active with their family and exercising 2x or more weekly. 

Resonate Data also uncovers the values that drive the Exciting Erics of the country to choose, support or abandon a brand. This segment values living a life full of excitement, enjoying life’s pleasures and acquiring wealth and influence. 

Exciting Eric | State of the Consumer Personal Values | Resonate Data

(Source: Resonate Ignite, April 2023)


You have Exciting Erics already living in your audience. If you enrich your first-party data with Resonate Data, you will find them easily. Then, use that holistic view of your Erics to target them with personalized messaging that reflects their values. To reach these thrill-seeking, pleasure-loving, influential people in your audience, consider using the following themes in your messaging: 

  • Adventure, inventiveness, excitement and variety in life 
  • Amusement, indulgence, fun and happiness  
  • Prestige, importance, prosperity and power attained by accumulating wealth 

Who doesn’t love a good playlist? We’ve curated a playlist based on Exciting Eric’s motivations, values, preferences and hobbies. Whistle while you work as you read what’s on this audience segment’s shopping list right now. Download the Resonate State of the Consumer 2023 report for more insights. 

What are these consumers doing this spring?  

Exciting Eric has traveling on the brain. According to Resonate Data, 50% of this audience will travel within the US in the next 3 months. If you’re a travel company, here are some data points that may help you create marketing messaging that speaks to Exciting Eric and people like him: 

  • 1 in 3 say adventure is a primary factor influencing decisions about which travel services to buy for vacation, such as hotel packages and tours 
  • They’re 62% more likely to choose travel service providers that are considered unique 
  • 41% consider social media an influential source of information when deciding what vacations to take and where to travel (but they also use apps!) 

These are just a few travel attributes available in rich Resonate Elements Data. Want to know the purpose of their trips? The top reason they’d avoid an airline? If they’re likely to spend money on extra excursions while traveling? With Resonate, these answers about your target audiences are just a few clicks away.  

Understanding and acting are easier with rich, fresh data 

Exciting Eric is just one subsegment of the people living in your audience this year. Read the State of the Consumer 2023 report for fresh data on the top consumer segments of the year and tips on how to reach them. 

Better understanding allows you to reach the right customers with the right message. Resonate’s continuously updated, granular data also allows you to enhance your existing segments and discover new, valuable consumer segments ripe for your marketing, scale them to 230 million US consumers and connect to your entire marketing ecosystem. 

Ready to enrich your understanding of your target audience? Talk to us about your next project. 

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