What’s Gen Z Drinking This Summer? (Hint: It’s Not Alcohol)

Thanks in large part to Gen Z, non-alcoholic beverages have been steadily increasing in popularity over the last year. Research has shown that on average, Gen Zers drink significantly less than Millennials and Gen X, and bars and brands alike have responded by offering more mocktail options than ever before. Mocktails are now a regular feature on many restaurant drink menus, and new brands have popped up offering prepackaged non-alcoholic beverages.

With summer in full swing and consumers flocking outdoors to sip some suds and get some sun, it’s crucial for brands and agencies alike to ensure they understand what teetotaling Americans are looking for from their alcohol-free summer fun. Marketers have a wealth of data on people who drink—but what about the increasing population that doesn’t? 

The Resonate Ignite Platform, powered by rAI, the Resonate data engine, can fill in those data gaps on Gen Z and others who choose not to imbibe and empower you to produce personalized marketing campaigns that demonstrate an understanding of those who stay sober. Get started by taking a look at some of the insights rAI provides into non-drinkers below.

Who Are America’s Non-Drinkers?

According to rAI, the millions of consumers who purchased non-alcoholic beverages in the last three months are mostly female—67% of them, in fact. Furthermore, 62% are married, and 65% don’t have children under the age of 18. Their top hobbies include cooking healthy meals with food that’s no- or low-carb and high in protein. They also enjoy museums and the performing arts, and even their vacations are health conscious: 17% of non-drinkers enjoyed active trips involving biking or walking. Finally, 37% of them played either lotto or scratch off games in the last 12 months.

What’s Motivating to Non-Drinkers?

The sober audience cares about nature, equal treatment for all, and having the freedom to be creative. Psychologically, they’re driven by their optimistic outlook, creativity, and gaining respect from other people. They’re also exceedingly health conscious in many areas of their life, demonstrating how much they value health and suggesting a possible major motivator for choosing to abstain from alcohol. According to rAI, they are aware of their family’s health history, and they enjoy sports, particularly skiing and snowboarding.

So, What Are Alcohol Abstainers Drinking?

It’s not soda: rAI shows that this audience is 37% more likely than the average American to avoid drinking traditional fizzy beverages. And interestingly, despite their decision to stay sober, attending happy hour and going bars and clubs still ranked high on their list favorite activities to engage in. 

So, what are non-drinkers drinking? According to rAI, this group skips sugar-filled beverages and goes for iced tea and carbonated water. And regular, old-fashioned, non-carbonated water is high on their list of drink choices too: 53% of them indicated this was their beverage of choice when they were out at a party in the last three months.

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