5 Data-Driven Ways to Connect With Millennial Coffee Pod Drinkers

If you’re a CPG coffee company, millennial coffee pod drinkers are likely on your radar. They’re working long hours at home and they need their caffeine — so, how can you make sure you’re the cup of joe that finds its way into their hands?

In the Resonate Ignite Platform™, we can access a 360-degree, holistic view of consumers. We have thousands of attributes available specifically in the CPG world, so when those are layered with values-driven, behavioral, and psychographic data, it’s like you have an x-ray right into your target consumer’s brain. You not only understand what they’re buying, but why. 

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And, knowing that many millennials will continue work from home for the foreseeable future and will be in need of an at-home coffee fix, we built an audience of millennials who drink their coffee from pods and looked at how they buy, what they buy, where they buy, and why they buy.

Millennial Coffee Pod Drinkers Buy Groceries Online

30% of this group has placed an online grocery order in the last three months and an even larger percentage, 40%, is likely to order coffee online. While in-store sales are important, this is a group that could be tapped into digitally, which opens up the door to direct-to-consumer sales (read: more first-party data and higher margins for you).

millennial coffee pod drinkers - gen x coffee pod drinkers

5 Data-Driven Ways to Connect

Using the insights that the data within the Ignite Platform revealed on these consumers

  1. E-commerce Strategy: They are more likely than the average consumer to buy online to take advantage of subscriptions. Are you offering an e-commerce subscription model that’s appealing to coffee pod drinkers?
  2. Partnerships: They’re 71% more likely to say locally owned is an important shopping factor. Is there a way you can partner with local, small batch coffee roasters to offer an intimate, craft experience?
  3.  Distribution and Customer Experience: They’re 27% more likely to buy online to save time and 12% more likely to ship online orders home rather than take advantage of curbside pick-up. This group is all about convenience, so how can you make the checkout process simple, quick, and easy? Signing up for that previously mentioned subscription should be seamless.
  4. Advertising Placement: Place advertising where they’ll see it! This group’s top media outlets are Instagram, Hulu, and YouTube.
  5. Creative: Their top values are living an exciting life and maintaining an optimistic outlook. Draw those through into your creative. Rather than just the WFH life, could you appeal to their sense of adventure by taking your coffee pods on the road for a remote WFH stint? Could this guide product development into creating an easily transported pod coffee maker?

millennial coffee pod drinkers - gen x coffee pod drinkers

Tap Into More Insights Your CPG Brand Can Use

Are your wheels turning imagining how your own CPG brand could leverage insights like these for advertising, e-commerce strategy, partnerships, product development and more? Request a demo today and we’ll pull a customized view of the platform to show you exactly what’s possible to grow your brand.

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