CPG Customers Have Endless Options. How Do You Stand Out?

CPG Customers Have Endless Options. How Do You Stand Out?

The Key to Thriving in a Crowded CPG Landscape: Deep, Nuanced Consumer Data

A 38-year old mom is squeezing in a trip to the grocery store on a Saturday morning. She has a 7-year old and 5-year old waiting at home, both eager for a treat to bring a small dose of fun to summer weekend at home. This mom strolls down the milk aisle trying to find something that tastes as good as it is refreshing.

She thinks back on a commercial for chocolate milk she saw last week. A family sat down to dinner outside on their deck on a warm summer day, enjoying a meal together after a busy afternoon of playing in the yard. They sip on a delicious brand of chocolate milk. She thinks about how she’d like her family to plan a fun afternoon of playing outside before eating dinner together. “I’ll give that brand a try!”, she thinks.

This mom had multiple options when she looked at the chocolate milk brands at the grocery store. So, it was the brand that had tapped into her personal values, motivations and preferences that stood out in her mind as she chose which item to put into her cart.

How did this brand know what would resonate with this particular mom? They looked in-depth at their target audience using the Resonate Ignite Platform. They know exactly who this 38-year old mom is that’s looking to buy flavored milk and the who, what, where, when and why that drives her purchasing decisions.

In our CPG guide, take a deeper look into the data around this particular use case and learn more about how Dynamic Consumer Data Sets You Apart From the Competition. Download the guide today.

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