Heat Up Your Summer Marketing Campaign Pitches with AI-Powered Audience Insights

The sizzling sounds of barbecues, laughter echoing by the pool, and family adventures on the horizon – summer is almost here! For brands across industries, from retail to travel, it’s prime time to launch marketing campaigns that capture the spirit of the season. And that also means it’s time for agencies to increase their expertise in many different, often unrelated verticals.

With tight deadlines and the pressure to impress new clients, crafting winning summer marketing pitches can be a time-consuming challenge. Here’s where the Resonate Ignite Platform steps in.

This powerful tool empowers agencies to become audience experts in no time, even for brands they’ve never pitched before. Say goodbye to generic pitches based on outdated data. Resonate’s AI-powered solutions unlock deep consumer insights that go beyond demographics allowing you to understand the values, motivations, life stages, and behaviors of your target audience.

The Ignite Platform offers several advantages for agencies:

Speed: Get the insights you need fast, a critical factor in the fast-paced world of marketing.

Deeper Audience Understanding: Move beyond demographics. Understand the “why” behind the buy to create truly impactful campaigns.

Competitive Edge: Pitch with confidence, armed with data-driven insights that set you apart.

The power of the Resonate Ignite Platform for agencies is discussed in our latest report, the Agency Insights Playbook. Here, we’ll go over the types of insights our AI-powered solutions can provide into consumers for agencies preparing marketing campaigns for the upcoming summer holidays: Memorial Day, Father’s Day, and the Fourth of July. Here’s a sneak peek:

Memorial Day & Fourth of July Shoppers:

Father’s Day Shoppers:

To learn more about how Resonate makes pitching different verticals seamless, download the Agency Insights Playbook today.

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