RNC Lookback: The Battle for the Suburbs – Who Will Get It Right?

RNC Lookback: The Battle for the Suburbs - Who Will Get It Right?

Last week’s RNC broadcast was the Trump reelection show, aimed to position the president as a fearless advocate for and builder of the American middle class; a builder who wanted the country to see his soft touch; a refined delicacy you may not feel in his tweets or media statements.

During the four-day coverage, the president focused on some of the country’s most controversial problems. His actions included: congratulating legal immigrants after a naturalization ceremony at the White House, pardoning imprisoned Black Americans with powerful rehabilitation stories and meeting directly with first responders on the COVID frontlines.

While an action-oriented and empathetic president appeared to be the dominant plot, fear was close behind: what happens if Joe Biden replaces the protagonist? Lawlessness, crippling taxes, more shuttered businesses and a country overrun with illegal immigrants…coming soon to middle-class neighborhoods everywhere.

Could this be a winning strategy? At Resonate, we analyzed our online voter models to size up and learn more about this unique segment of suburban voters. We looked at their behavior and the core values influencing their vote this year. Here’s some of what we found.

White Suburban Voters Online

Resonate has identified a niche suburban online voter audience of 28 million, representing roughly 13% of the online electorate. They racially identify as white, are self-identified registered voters, homeowners of one home and college graduates.

While recent suburbanite polling has shown Trump far behind Biden, our data shows that amongst this particular online voter universe, Trump holds a 6 percentage point lead.

RNC Lookback: The Battle for the Suburbs - Who Will Get It Right?

Insights compared to the average online U.S. self-identified registered voter

As a whole, this is an audience that deeply values safety in their community, nation, oneself and family. The RNC and the president played right into these values last week, promising to keep middle-class families and everyday Americans safe from a radical left-wing mob.

To persuade this audience, the RNC moved to cast the president as a reliable builder and fixer. Our deeper analysis of this white suburban audience segment shows they are psychologically driven by proving competence and skills.

Additionally, these voters are 61% more likely than the average voter to participate in the stock market. President Trump mentioned, on several occasions last week, the record highs the market has hit under his administration.

RNC Lookback: The Battle for the Suburbs - Who Will Get It Right?

When it comes to the issues, these voters are much more likely than the average American to approve of President Trump’s trade and tax deals – accomplishments he hammered on during last week’s convention. Overall, this is an audience that is more trustful of and sympathetic to the police.

Bonus insight: this audience is 18% more likely than the average American to qualify as a swing voter. Additionally, 70% of this entire audience voted in the 2018 primaries.

Resonate’s AI-driven technology can build, model, analyze, validate and target any imaginable voting audience in real-time. Our methodology provides campaigns with direct access to your average voter in Everytown, USA and those most likely to decide elections up and down the ballot in 2020.

Is your campaign fighting for the suburban vote? With the election still two months away, the battle is only just beginning.

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