Using Data to Win Foreign Policy Campaigns

Whether businesses, industry organizations, or foreign policy groups approve of the hard line national security agenda promised by President-elect Trump or the personnel he has hired to immediately deviate from the Obama Administration’s doctrine, all interested parties should be prepared to protect their interests and associated causes overseas.

The support of the American public will prove to be critical in how the new administration and Congress handles national security and foreign policy matters. When driving advocacy campaigns to influence public opinion related to foreign policy, organizations will need to use data differently to understand what decisions the public wants their government to make and specifically, what audiences can actually be persuaded to join their cause.

At Resonate, we are dedicated to helping organizations win their foreign policy advocacy campaigns by providing the best data on the market. As we saw in the November elections, traditional public opinion polling steered many political professionals and campaigns in the wrong direction because they were only provided with a static snapshop in time on how Americans felt about the issues and candidates.

By leveraging Resonate’s unique methodology of combining long-form survey data with anonymized contextual analysis of 15B online behavioral events a day, we are able to develop accurate predictive models to decipher how Americans feel about foreign policy initiatives on a day-to-day basis. We then use the data to target the specific audiences online that can be persuaded to join a campaign and help influence the decisions made by their elected officials.

When preparing to launch advocacy campaigns related to the most significant foreign policy legislative initiatives in the New Year, consider the following Resonate intelligence:

  • 38.6 million Americans believe the U.S. is not supportive enough of Israel and this audience is 48% more likely than the average voter to have communicated with a politician in the last year on an important issue.
  • Just under 60% of all Americans are still persuadable on the Iran Deal, a deal the President-elect and Republican Congress staunchly oppose.
  • 48% of Americans believe terrorist groups (e.g. ISIS, Al Qaeda) are the greatest threat to the long-term interests of the United States.
  • 62% of Americans are Neutral on whether Free Trade agreements in general help the US economy.
  • 33% of Americans do not trust elected officials to negotiate agreements that are in the people’s best interest rather than their own.

Foreign policy advocacy campaigns can also take a more direct digital approach by targeting key DC decisions makers online, including cabinet officials, legislative committees, representatives and their staffs. By utilizing state-of-the-art IP targeting, domain targeting and geo-fencing technology, the desktops and mobile devices of decision makers can be targeted with persuasive messaging on a regular basis.

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*bullet point audience defined as U.S. registered voters

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