What’s in Your Agency Growth Toolkit?

Agency growth toolkit

In the face of inflation (and an impending recession), brands are beginning to tighten their budgets. As we know all too well, this often translates into cuts in advertising budgets that put agencies at risk. The agencies that succeed are the ones who deliver the best value to their clients and, hopefully, become brands’ agencies of record. Easier said than done, right? Not if you have the right tool in your agency growth toolkit.  

Resonate accelerates growth for agencies with the deepest real-time insights that teams can seamlessly put into action to add revenue streams, win business, grow existing business, and save time. Here are 4 powerful growth benefits to having Resonate in your agency toolkit: 

Best-In-Class Data  

Traditional data sources are limited to basic demographics, often stale, and not actionable. Flat demographics data and low-value insights won’t help you in today’s landscape. You need to adapt the work you do to the environment you’re in today while you prepare for more agency disruption ahead. Turn to real-time consumer insights to answer: 

How has my audience changed over time? It’s no longer a question of if your customers have changed — they have. Your insights should be as dynamic as your audiences in order to keep your segmentation strategy up to date.  

What message will resonate with them now? Consumer demand for personalization is at an all-time high. Empower your creative team with insights on your target audience’s values, habits, preferences, and intent to deliver personalized messaging and creative that resonates. 

What will buying cycles look like in the future? A lot is happening all at once — inflation, war, natural disasters, political upheaval, etc.— and it all affects what, why, and how consumers buy. Context matters. That’s why Resonate’s AI-powered consumer insights reflect the times we are living in and how it impacts buying intent. 

Do my engagement channels still work? Great messaging and creative are incredibly valuable—but only when they reach the right people. You need to know when and where to reach your customers. Resonate data drills down to the digital channels and out-of-home advertising platforms where consumers are engaging the most. 

Consumer Intelligence for Everyone 

Collaboration is a catalyst to value. When you make consumer data available across the organization, more diverse teams can access it and you can generate more insights. But having tons of data isn’t enough. You have to instill a culture of using the freshest data to make informed decisions from planning through execution and measurement. 

With greater access to rich, relevant insights, agencies can deliver more personalized campaigns at scale. If you’re wondering what’s standing between your team and data democratization, here are a few questions to think about: 

  • How quickly can your team iterate? 
  • Do they need to know how to code to get insights? 
  • Do they waste time by repeating work across functions? 
  • Are they sharing data or driving disruptive insights? 

Resonate’s AI-powered solution can turn your entire organization into a data-friendly, insights-driven business that runs on a relevant, accessible understanding of your customers.  

Accelerated Insight to Action  

More data isn’t always the answer. Your insights should always help you act on behalf of clients with precision and speed. They should maximize your team’s effectiveness and efficiency. They should help you overcome the challenges of data accumulation, analysis, and action. 

Instead of relying on passive analytics tools, accelerate insights-to-action using AI-powered consumer intelligence solutions that put always-fresh, robust insights at your fingertips. AI fuels better decision-making and helps you close the gap between insight and action by enabling you to gain a deep understanding of consumers, build audience segmentation and then directly activate media. No need for having to create proxy audiences. No room for human error. The AI-powered Ignite Platform makes it possible for data-driven agencies to not only gain business insights, but also act. 

New Revenue Streams 

Competition in the agency space is fierce, and agencies need to get creative when pitching and upselling clients. With Resonate, agencies can add new revenue streams while simultaneously solving client problems. Here are 3 ways: 

Data enrichment 

You can import your clients’ 1st-party data from their CRM, website, mobile, and media and enrich it with our data to create a unified view of a brand’s consumers that reveals nuances in their audiences and identifies new valuable segments. 


Target humans, not profiles when you enable direct omnichannel activation of audiences using Resonate. Use our 14,000+ proprietary attributes to create well-defined segments and deliver individual device IDs to any DSP, DMP, or social platform for activation across all digital channels. You can then measure performance and optimize, all in one place. 

Custom Research  

Brands WANT to know their customers and prospects, and they’ll rely on you for answers. We can help with that. Resonate can field custom research surveys for your agency’s clients. Let’s say one of your clients is a furniture manufacturer. You can work with the Resonate team to develop hyper-targeted questions to discover consumer interest and preferences around modern furniture, dining table preferences, home improvement projects, and renovation plans. 

The Only Tool You Need in Your Agency Growth Toolkit 

Resonate puts unparalleled, privacy-safe consumer understanding at your fingertips, at scale, and fully integrated into your ecosystem for action for better, faster, more personalized marketing that resonates. Our deep, easy-to-use, real-time, AI-powered consumer intelligence platform helps agencies build a data science approach to decision-making, democratizing data seamlessly across teams and accelerating insight into action. 

With Resonate in your agency growth toolkit, you’ll add revenue streams, win pitches, expand brand relationships, save time and save money like never before. 


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