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A dynamic, connected approach to custom research

Don’t rely on antiquated surveys to power your research strategy. Resonate custom models are automatically connected to our deep consumer data set and instantly scale to the U.S. consumer base. Your newly connected insights continuously update in the Resonate Ignite Platform for your own personalized view of the American consumer.

Engaged Audiences

Fill in gaps in your research – You’ve done the research but how do you have it at scale

Connected Flash Study

Custom models

Modeled data dynamically generated within rAI to deliver data that answers any client-specific question. Custom Models create data that is connected to the full Resonate Elements data set and scaled to 230 million consumer profiles.

Connected Contextual Study

Engaged audiences

Client-specific deterministic data dynamically created within rAI based on observed audience engagement. Resonate custom engagement data allows you to dynamically understand audiences that are engaging with topics that are relevant and connect those audience members to the full Resonate Elements data profile. 

Connected Typing Tool

Custom data elements

High-performance custom data dynamically, generated by rAI, are used to create custom data to meet any unique client requirement. topic, brand or issue. Resonate Custom Data Elements enables you to quickly and cost-effectively fill gaps in customer profiles and improving your understanding of any audience. 


3-Minute Cheat Sheet To Targeting

Implement a 360-degree view of the consumer to strengthen connections.


How Resonate Helped Twin Star Enhance Their Product Offerings

How Twin Star improved their product offerings and grew revenue.

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