AI-powered, scaled research that keeps pace with change

A dynamic, connected approach to custom research

Don’t rely on antiquated surveys to power your research strategy. The Resonate custom solution suite is connected to our deep consumer data set and scale to the U.S. consumer base. Your newly connected insights are continuously update in the Resonate Ignite Platform for your own personalized view of the American consumer and can be used for analyses and activation.

Engaged Audiences

Our cutting-edge AI, rAI, dynamically creates custom data at scale to help marketers answer any business question

Connected Flash Study

Custom models

A custom audience quickly delivered in any need, leveraging Resonate elements data or first-party data for insights and activation.

Connected Contextual Study

Custom in-market data

Fresh, topic-based in-market audiences that are hyper relevant to a marketer, leveraging over 30 billion daily observations for insights and activation.

Connected Typing Tool

Custom segmentation solutions

Clusters of audiences derived from Resonate data that represent segments of a target market and share similar characteristics, needs and behaviors for insights and activation.

Custom analytics packages

Custom analyses designed to deliver actionable insights and strategic recommendations that drive informed decision-making.


3-Minute Cheat Sheet To Targeting

Implement a 360-degree view of the consumer to strengthen connections.


How Resonate Helped Twin Star Enhance Their Product Offerings

How Twin Star improved their product offerings and grew revenue.

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