3 Facts About Your Friends Who Don’t Have Streaming Services (Yes, They Exist!)

We have some surprising news: there are people who don’t have streaming services. Over 17 million U.S. adults do not use on-demand streaming services according to the latest data from the Resonate Ignite Platform™. As a network, how can you connect with them? This audience without a streaming subscription is 45% more likely than the average consumer to say they are not considering cutting the cord and nearly 60% have a paid cable or satellite subscription.

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Who could this audience benefit? Advertisers looking to connect with viewers who can’t be found on streaming services and/or streaming networks who are looking to expand their subscription base. Let’s look at three helpful facts for these marketers.

One: They’re 17% more likely to use Verizon Fios as their cable provider

Verizon offers a free year of Disney+ to their subscribers. This is a win-win proposition: it makes Verizon more appealing for those who want access to Disney+ without the extra expense and it gets viewers hooked on Disney+ (the goal being a renewal after the freebie year). To snag more of these viewers, other streaming subscriptions could look into similar partnerships, with Verizon Fios continuing to be the leader in reaching this audience.

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don't have streaming subscription

Two: This Baby Boomer group is primarily retired

It’s probably not a surprise that the audience without streaming services skews older and retired. But these numbers are significant: 54% of these consumers are over 55 and they are 96% more likely than average to be retired.

don't have streaming subscription

Three: Only 2% care about avoiding commercials

If you want to lure them over to your streaming network with the promise of no commercials, forget it. They don’t care. They’re used to watching commercials and it’s not a priority or worth the effort to avoid them

But, if you’re an advertiser, your ears may perk up here. You have this audience’s attention. If you’re placing ad spend on cable channels or broadcast networks, you’ll want to target this group: older, retired Baby Boomers who are 31% more likely to watch 20 hours or more of broadcast TV a week.

don't have streaming subscription

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