End the Year in the Black: 3 Key Nuances Between Gen Z v. Millennial Audiences Your Advertisers Need to Know

To boost your holiday ad sales and end your year in the black, you need to give advertisers a deep, holistic view of their target customers and how those overlap with your audiences — especially when it comes to high-value consumers like Gen Z v. Millennial audiences and how they relate to important retail events, like Cyber Monday.

Tapping Into the Nuances Between Gen Z v. Millennial Audiences

The Resonate Ignite Platform™ gives you access to demographics, yes, but also the behavioral data, values, motivations, media habits, and purchasing drivers that can boost your pre-sales pitch and enrich an advertiser’s messaging to your audience. Your access to Resonate data helps them connect the right message to the right audience at the right time and on the right channel (yours!). For this blog post, we looked at two audiences: Millennials Who Are Likely to Shop on Cyber Monday and Gen Z’ers Who Are Likely to Shop on Cyber Monday, and discovered three key nuances that can help you help your advertisers speak to each one directly — boosting their revenue and boosting your ad sales.

One: Who’s Spending More?

Perhaps not a surprise since they’re older and more established, Millennial Cyber Monday shoppers are more likely than Gen Z’ers to spend more on holiday gifts. Neither has a significant percentage breaking the bank and spending over $1,000, but Millennials are 15% more likely than the average consumer to spend $500-$999. Gen Z plans on spending a more modest amount, with nearly half of these 18 to 24 year-olds* spending under $250 this holiday season.

How this applies to you: You can bolster your pre-sales pitch to advertisers based on the price point of their offerings and how that matches up with your audience.

*Note: Resonate only surveys adults over 18.

gen z v millennial audiences - gen z v millennial holiday spending

Source: Resonate Ignite Platform™, October 2021

Two: What Do They Plan to Buy in the Near Future?

If you’re curious what might be on their online cart on Cyber Monday, Gen Z Cyber Monday consumers are stocking up on video games and sports and fitness equipment, while slightly older Millennials are buying watches, jewelry, toys, games, and children’s products.

How this applies to you: If you see that your audience is likely to buy video games and spend $100-$249 this holiday season, plus, that’s a critical insight you can offer a gaming retailer — and it’s information competing channels may not have.

gen z v millennial audiences - gen z v millennial purchases

Source: Resonate Ignite Platform™, October 2021

Three: What Do They Value?

Gen Z Cyber Monday shoppers are young and trying to find their place in the world, so they are driven by the personal values associated with that: acquiring wealth and influence, showing abilities and being admired, maintaining a good public image, and living a life full of excitement and challenge. Millennials hold similar values close, though at slightly lower compositions.

How this applies to you: Your pitch to advertisers can include a deeper look at the audience they want to target. They may want to reach Gen Z Cyber Monday shoppers, but do they realize that this audience cares most about acquiring wealth and influences, as well as being admired? Those are personal values that can inform messaging, resonate on an individual level with consumers, and drive purchasing decisions.

gen z v millennial audiences - gen z v millennial values

Source: Resonate Ignite Platform™, October 2021

Want to go deeper on holiday spending? Read our Holiday Retail Guide for insights about holiday shopping, which includes their media consumption. Ready to jump in and start boosting your year-end ad sales? Request a demo today.

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