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One of the biggest challenges publishers and media companies face today is showing the value of their reading and viewing audiences. Establishing their unique value is how publishers validate their cost per impressions (CPM) and sponsorships.

Even though Google and Facebook control much of the audience delivery available to advertisers, the publishers best positioned for success first establish a relevant and strategic fit and story around the audiences they have available. But they can’t build that audience story if they don’t have insights on the people who make up those audiences. A recent eMarketer survey revealed that the top challenge for marketers is the need for better insights and reporting deliverables for data sources and analytics.

I was struck earlier this November while attending AdMonsters Publisher’s Forum in Austin, Texas, that publishers are still not using consumer insights as much as they should. Consumer insights that offer a holistic snapshot of their readers not only helps guide content and programs for publications but also provide a tremendous value proposition for advertisers. Publishers that successfully demonstrate their owned audience are well positioned to grow their sales and customer relationships.


Imagine presenting to a prospective advertiser deeper insights about your audience and their audience that strengthens your value position as a media partner and validates their investment. Advertisers want more customers, so it’s important that their partners are aligned to deliver the essential targeting that drives results and revenue growth.

But publishers often say that it’s difficult (if not impossible) to show distinct value in their owned and operated audience. “We have lots of readers around many different types of content. However, advertisers know they can get audiences through programmatic channels. How do I as a publisher best showcase my audiences as essential?”

That’s where deep consumer insights play a significant role. For example, let’s look at a key audience of interest to bank and financial services companies: people shopping for a home mortgage. Resonate’s consumer insights reveal key attributes about people in the market for a home mortgage like what’s driving their selection consideration when they plan to obtain a mortgage, how best to reach them based on their media consumption and how best to connect with them through content and ad messaging.


With the Resonate Platform, publishers have access to a vast array of attributes and insights around their consumer segments, including their values, motivations, purchase behaviors, media consumption and much more. Those insights guide content, targeting, messaging and advertising to specific audiences. Most importantly, publishers can show advertisers how many of those customers they reach and how best to connect with them.

Publishers that use Resonate see several results, including an almost 100% increase in the quality of insights they achieve through the platform. Publishers have also seen upwards of 50% savings in third-party data and nearly 30% in new business and upsells.

You should see our insights in action. Reach out today to get a demo for your publication and advertisers.

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