Big Game Ad Recap: Did They Connect With Consumer Values?

It’s time for our annual Big Game ad recap! Last year, we looked at companies like Toyota, Door Dash, and Rocket Mortgage to see where their ads lined up with their consumers’ values. This year, we’re turning to, UberEats, Michelob, and Peacock to see whether they scored a touchdown with their ad spots.

Big Game Ad Recap: Which Ads Worked?

Before the Big Game, we shared with you our preview on beer ads and insights on the streaming v. network viewers. But, no matter how many spots are released before the big day, there’s still the excitement of seeing these creative endeavors in real time. At Resonate, we watch with one eye on the TV and the other on the Resonate Ignite Platform. We’re quickly building brand audiences and comparing them with the messages in their respective ads. We want to see if the values that come across in the creative are true to who their consumers are when it comes to the data. | Idris Elba Says Things

This 30-second spot was a favorite of ours — and not just because it starred Idris Elba. clearly knows its customers avoid hotels and airlines with high fees and are 35% less likely than the average consumer to care about loyalty programs. They don’t think being part of an active travel rewards program is worth it. They’re looking for time-saving travel products because they just want to book — they just want to use

But, on the other hand, the exotic locales featured in this ad will strike a chord with these wanderlust-driven consumers. They also look for the best-looking, luxurious, fun, and exciting travel products and opportunities. They travel for adventure, being pampered, and experiencing new things. They’ll watch this spot and think, “Oh yeah, I wanted to book that getaway to a spa in Thailand!”

Plus, since nostalgia was on full alert this year, the Booking.yeah at the end of the ad was a throwback to this 2013 spot.

Uber Eats | Uber Don’t Eats

50% of Uber Eats customers already order household supplies online — albeit from somewhere else. Giving them the streamlined option of ordering their dinner and their groceries from the same place makes things easy, which is critical for consumers who are 24% more likely to value convenience in purchasing decisions.

Additionally, this spot leaned fully into humor over any of the other typical Big Game tropes (heartwarming, sentimental, nostalgic), which would play nicely with a group that is more likely to enjoy comedy than other consumers.

Michelob | “Caddy”

Michelob Ultra released a star-studded spot with Peyton Manning and Serena Williams, among others. But they snuck in a second spot for their new organic seltzers — and the word around the internet is that viewers were less than impressed. The spot featured Brooks Koepka, a professional golfer, but he’s not well known among non-golf fanatics. Michelob drinkers are 111% more likely to watch the PGA, but that’s still a small percentage of the population, particularly for an event that’s so widely watched. This may resonate more during a golf-specific event.

When we look further at the data, Michelob drinkers are 198% more likely than the average consumer to drink hard seltzers, which could make it a match…but they’re less likely to care about whether products are organic, which makes this product look like a marketing miss.

Peacock | Joe vs. Carole

We thought we’d seen the last of Joe Exotic, but Peacock is bringing his story back to the small screen. Which is a good thing Peacock viewers are 14% more likely than the average viewer to have watched the Tiger King Netflix series. Additionally, 63% of Tiger King fans watch the Super Bowl, so Peacock had the attention of the right people when this spot aired. These viewers value a life full of excitement and this trailer definitely builds up a story that will have them on the edge of their seat, ready to dive back into this wild world.

Plus, 47% of these viewers binge watch TV often, so we have a feeling they’ll eagerly watch Joe vs. Carole all in one sitting.

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