Kick off NFL Season with AI-powered data on diehard fans who enjoy a good brewski

Fast Facts on Beer-Drinking Diehard NFL Fans

The 2023 NFL Kickoff falls on the same day as National Beer Lovers Day, making it an auspicious day for NFL fans who enjoy a good brewski. As you probably know, football fandom in the US ranges from the most casual followers to beloved diehard fans known to paint their faces – or stomachs – with their team’s favorite colors. Being part of the football conversation can offer brands a rich opportunity to connect with these consumers on a deeper level, but you need to keep up with what they’re thinking, buying and doing. Data will help.  

Using the Resonate Ignite platform powered by rAI, the Resonate AI neural network, to build a microsegment of 9.3M Americans online who consider themselves diehard fans and regularly enjoy a good beer. Here’s what we found. 

Diehard fans are highly driven by recognition from their peers 

Here are some of the interesting things we discovered about this audience: 

  • 1 in 5 diehard fans have a household income of $100-150K  
  • They are 229% more likely to gamble in sports than the average US consumer 
  • Nearly half of this segment has children (aka “mini” diehard fans in training) 

Resonate data also revealed that this group of diehard NFL fans is 192% more likely to be driven by their desire to achieve positive recognition from their communities.  

Resonate AI-powered data | diehard NFL fans who drink beer(Source: Resonate Ignite, September 2023)


The NFL Fan of the Year, presented by Captain Morgan, is a prime example of how brands can turn this insight into action. Not only does the annual contest celebrate these extraordinary fans, but the winner  is decided by the votes of fellow fans, creating that positive community recognition these fans value. 

1 in 3 will be hosting a get-together in the next 3 months 

It’s not football season without a watch party. This segment of diehard fans will be attending these parties, and a good 33% of them will be hosting an event and providing the libations 

Resonate Data | food and alcohol event planned(Source: Resonate Ignite, September 2023)


Highly predictive Resonate Elements data tells you what a customer is about to do, so you can predict and act with precision. Why settle for data that only tells you what consumers already did? 

They’re fans of the official NFL beer sponsor, but the competition is close behind 

Bud Light is the official beer sponsor of the NFL – and has been for more than 27 years. So, it should come as no surprise that half of these diehard NFL fans consumed Bud Light in the past three months. Despite that, other brands should take note that these fans heavily over-indexed for beer consumption across a range of both domestic and imported brands.  

Resonate data | beer consumed in the last 3 months(Source: Resonate Ignite, September 2023)


Competing beer brands, this is your opportunity to be the beer these brewski-loving NFL fans bring to the party! Here are some more fresh, AI-powered insights to consider: 

  • 63% of this segment prefers to buy their beers in 12-packs  
  • Most of this group doesn’t buy beer at large retailers like Walmart or Target 
  • 20% say ACV is a top consideration when they buy beer 

Using rich AI-powered data can give beer brands an edge beyond messaging and creative, too. By analyzing data on consumer preferences, they can create products that meet consumers’ needs, stay ahead of the competition and adapt to market changes. 

Get a complete view of the US sports fandom (and other consumers) 

Your 1st-party data only tells you so much about your customers and prospects. The Resonate Elements data unveils your target audiences as the unique individuals they are and goes beyond the basics to help you understand the “why” behind every decision they make to inform your messaging and creative, segmentation, targeting, product development and so much more. 

From the psychographics and preferences that reveal why fans buy from, support or abandon a brand to their preferences, behaviors, media consumption habits and intentions, Resonate data enables a 360-degree view of consumers. And it’s continuously updated so you can understand how they feel today for messaging that will resonate with them and turn them into lifetime customers! 

Do you have the data you need for your upcoming campaigns?

You need AI-powered data that offers the freshest, most predictive insights across all major verticals to quickly and effectively drive performance. Whether you integrate our data into your existing ecosystem or take advantage of our powerful Resonate Ignite platform, data enrichment from Resonate is the key to taking your strategies to the end zone. 

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