More Tricks, Less Treats? A Look at Parents’ Views on Halloween 2020

More Tricks, Less Treats? A Look at Parents’ Views on Halloween 2020

On many parents’ minds this week: Is Halloween 2020 trick-or-treating in the cards this year? The CDC has labeled the activity “high-risk,” but after seven months of weighing the risks of going back to school, as well as canceling and Zoom-ify-ing every holiday and birthday party, many are claiming that’s a stretch.

The big question of Halloween 2020 isn’t “trick or treat”

They’re arguing trick-or-treating is about as low-risk as it gets – it’s outdoors, can be socially distanced, the candy is individually wrapped and kids will very willingly wear a mask. Keeping in mind that not all parents feel this way, what does this mean for Halloween 2020 candy sales?

Normally, these are your trick-or-treating superfans

We looked at parents of kids ages 1-14 who purchase items for Halloween and are social distancing to a moderate or large extent. This group is 79% more likely to self-identify as “homemaker.” 63% have 2-3 kids and they’re 37% more likely to value safety for friends and family.

In a normal year, this group is likely to be fans of trick-or-treating. They’re 10% more likely than the general public to say family time is the best part of the day, and 66% more likely to go to theme parks (another place chock-full of costumes and sweets).

…but what about Halloween 2020?

It’s clear these are your spooky season superfans. But let’s layer on their views of COVID-era socializing. They’ve been social distancing to a large (56%) or moderate (44%) extent, and 93% are reopen resistant – they’re comfortable with few in-person activities.

Knowing this group is already 10% more likely to value time with loved ones – they’ll probably be less likely to give up this family-friendly holiday.

On their candy-buying habits, 75% of these folks say their likelihood of visiting a grocery store has stayed the same, so they’ll still be strolling past those super-mega-fun-sized packs. So, maybe this year they’ll be enjoying Halloween 2020 candy during a family viewing of “Hocus Pocus” or “Casper,” instead of trying to wrestle the busting pillowcases away from sugar-crazed kiddos.

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